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  1. So I have the Zenfone 3 Max ZC520TL silver and when the phone charges there is a red light at the top as expected however no matter how long I charge it, it still doesn't turn on or even show a charging icon to indicate that it needs to be charged. I suspect that this is a battery issue as this has happened before and when I got it fixed by the store at which I bought the phone the part numbers for the parts that were replaced were [0B200-02200300], [13040-00790100] and [13040-00790400]. So I have a few questions. Does anybody know the pinout of the battery connector? And does a
  2. Recently I have experienced an issue when plugging in any usb storage device. In device manager when I right click on the usb drive it there is a driver error code 38 (Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory.) I have tried fixing this by unisntalling the amd usb controller, usb root hub, usb mass storage deivce, generic usb hub and usb composite device in device manager however this only allowed the usb device to work if it was lugged in when the computer posts and when it is unplugged and plugged back in I onc
  3. Ok, Thanks for you help and advice
  4. The max temp of the gpu was 68c
  5. My core clock hovered around 1000-1050mhz on the gpu and my pc crash after about 6 minutes of stressing both cpu and gpu
  6. I bought my power supply just over a year ago I'll try limiting the power to 90% and give you the results as soon as I have them.
  7. Also something I forgot to mention my core clock only goes up to 1164mhz during the stress test which means it's not boosting at all. This is probably due to the fact that whenever it is running at 100% usage it always hits it's power limit. (or at least that's what msi afterburner and hwinfo says) https://www.galax.com/en/graphics-card/900-series/galax-geforce-gtx-970-black-exoc.html
  8. 81c max on stock fan curve 78c max on custom fan curve After 10mins of furmark (only stressing gpu)
  9. The gpu crashes at 100% power limit and the extra 5% power limit allows it to boost an extra 50mhz
  10. Hey So I've been having some issues with my gtx 970 (Galax EXOC edition) where it would black screen if I tried to run cinebench and furmark at the same time or if I ran furmark on it's own with my gpu at over 105% powerlimit. There was one occasion when my cpu was at 100% while furmark ran at the same time but the gpu would stick to 40-50% tdp. (The gtx 970 is running of the two modular power connectors but the problem persists when using the non-modular gpu commector) I have already tried re-installing windows and using driver ddu to uninstall and re-install the latest nvidia drivers. D