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  1. Hmm. my card isn't idling. It stays near 900MHz and 4500Mhz on the memory, but I'm usually mining, so I didn't notice that it doesn't idle. I noticed once when I plugged in the third monitor, that the core clock shot up to 1500Mhz, but that could have been an error in reporting. It went back down to 900Mhz.
  2. Mhz of the graphics card or the monitor? I watched and both Mhz were the same when I plugged in the third monitor.
  3. Sorry, can you clarify? I downloaded it but I don't see any settings to set a monitor as idle. Do you mean the nvidia profile inspector?
  4. What is your parts list?GTX 1070 with an i7 2700k and 16GB ram.I have 2 43" 4K TVs setup as monitors on HDMI and I just added a 27" 2k 144HZ monitor to the mix on displayport.Describe your problem. List any error messages and symptoms. Be descriptive.I have insane amounts of flickering on my main 4k monitor as soon as I plug in all three monitors. The 144hz display goes blank and the second 4k display thinks there is no input. I can attach a 1080p display instead of the second 4k display and there's no issues and all three displays work fine, at max frequencies with G-Sync enabled on the 144hz