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  1. What PSU? Is this your old one? Did the cables you're currently using come with the plugged in PSU or the HXi?
  2. Making some gun parts for a couple family members I can drop off on my way through Seattle. Had an issue with some of my tooling though, so that's not happening now. Did that count that post?
  3. One last project state side before I'm officially on vacation.
  4. I'm not near my computer, but my 5800x runs way cooler than that on a D15. I am using a small negative offset and both D15 fans though. What do your temps do if you use both fans. What case and case fans do you have? Really? My D15 keeps my 5800x under 80c.
  5. Yeah, https://www.extremetech.com/computing/311275-intel-doesnt-want-to-talk-about-benchmarks-anymore
  6. Good update! Nail matrix is slightly smashed and the bone is smashed and not round anymore. Was told it's going to hurt for a while, but it'll sort it's self out.
  7. I'll add to it. Realized I covered company name on my chest but forgot about it in another spot.
  8. My guess would be chipped or the fingernail is all twisted under the skin. I'll find out in about 8 hours though
  9. We'll see. It's not all mangled up, but hurts clear up to my elbow. In 8 years underground, this will be my second time actually having to go to the doctor. First was a broken scapula.
  10. Slight damper on my plans. Dropped a 41kg box on my finger. Now I'm going to town for xrays and no work tomorrow.
  11. I wonder if this has to do with them getting away from traditional benchmarks, and wanting us to not use benchmarks to compare them to AMD...
  12. Remember the recent issues with pre orders around Cyberpunk 2077? It's the same reason. New and shiny!
  13. It's reading dual channel. 5900x doesn't support quad channel. Only dual. The 4 sticks of RAM work in 2 pairs for your dual channel.
  14. What's the rest of your system? GPU, CPU cooler and PSU. What are the temperatures of your hardware when you are in game?
  15. What motherboard do you have? Did you update BIOS before you installed the 5800x? If not, put the 3600x back in and update your BIOS.
  16. Imagine setting a title. /s
  17. Well it's finally that time. Today is pre Friday. Busy day at work so I can do absolutely nothing tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll only work a 10 hour day. I'll get up at 4 am for work. Fly to Anchorage. Get to my house around 2 am the next day. Sleep for a couple hours and pack. Then it's off to Norway for 6 weeks!
  18. There isn't really a good way to make a blower quieter. Depending on your case you could adjust fan curves to make them quieter at the temperatures that Trainz 2019 runs at as long as it's not too hot. MSI Afterburner will allow for custom fan profiles. If your case allows, you could also add more fans. More fans in the case and you can push more air with quieter fans and then keep the 2080S cooler and quieter. If it's at an acceptable temperature in games, I'd try MSI Afterburner first. It'll work with non MSI GPUs. https://www.msi.com/Landing/afterburner/graphics-cards
  19. There's probably something that will match up in the history of cooler mounts 38.1mm x 81.3mm
  20. If you have the ability to get a GPU at a decent price, I'd build. If you don't, I'd get a prebuilt and save some money for a PSU upgrade.
  21. What're the measurements on the hole spacing? That looks oddly AM4.
  22. No problem. Once the infrastructure is set up, it's a really cool system. I'm a 4.25 mile drive from surface right now and some 2000 feet below the top of the mountain typing this. @webshark25That idea is probably too expensive and complicated for LTT. Once you start talking about internet and all that underground, you have to think power. It's hard to get power underground. Since there's no ventilation in the mine on that video there's no room for running a diesel generator underground. Now you're looking at running power wires through the mine to get where they need to be. Big lo
  23. Typically here, the level is elevation yeah. I work on the 850 level here, so 850 feet above sea level. Our mine goes up to around 2200 feet, and down to the -250. Fiber is how we're set up here as well. Then we have various APs scattered across the mine. I don't know actuals on what or where, I'm not in IT. As for the radio, I haven't watched the video so I'm not sure how they have it set up. If they're using Walkie Talkies, they're not doing it correctly. Our mine is fairly low concentration (We're happy for 0.25 ounces to the ton, highest I've seen is 0.49 oz/ton for gol