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  1. The Pilops "Storage Processor" seems like a good video candidate, it is a step-in ASIC for accelerating storage workloads. They have started sampling to certain customers, check out https://pliops.com.
  2. I have looked at exactly that and could not find one with 4 ram slots. I am trying to build a Mini-ITX workstation with 32gb of ram, but it appears that there aren't any motherboards available with that capability.
  3. Has anyone seen a mini itx motherboard that is LGA1150 and has 4 memory slots (sodimm or dimm)?
  4. Are you running the tool on an admin account?
  5. You might want to try fully cleaning the USB drive using diskpart like this tutorial. I have had a similar issue, and this fixed it.
  6. If i were in that situation i would go for the GTX 660. The X6 1045t is not that much of an improvement over the X4.
  7. I actually have a fully functional Macintosh SE (not SE/30) sitting around, found it in a storage closet! It even has original MacOS on it! I don't know the exact specs but I am pretty sure it has 1MB of RAM and an 800K floppy drive.