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  1. Amazon doesn't ship where I live anymore.. and when it did stuff marked in stock often really wasn't tbh
  2. UPDATE: just rebooted again so it wasn't that either... what do you guys think? easiest thing would be to test with a different PSU but those are unfindable now.... is there any logging for that kind of hardware failure? here's the error on the even viewer altho i suppose it wont help much crash.evtx
  3. UPDATE: just rebooted again... Wasn't that I put the sticks back in and kept the fan profile cause temps were way more agreeable. Something else I'm trying: at the beginning i experience some issues with a 10gbs network card that was preventing auto sleep for windows I figured since it was giving "power troubles" why not try and take it out... at this point i need to try everything i guess
  4. UPDATE: I just took 2 sticks out, The heatsinks where fucking hot to the touch... I was monitoring temps of sensors but seems like while dissipation for main component is enough the ambient temp of the case makes vrm and ram way hotter than i'd expect... not sure if it's just this particular config but i ramped up the fan speeds a bit just to move some more air.... if it doesn't crash anymore ill try putting the sticks back and see
  5. wow.. i have 4x 8GB corsair dominator plat rgb 3600... is that for real? KEKWait i ran memtest multiple times both with custom timings, OC, docp and just stock... never had an issue and they're now running at stock wouldnt that result in a bluescreen? or a system log? i guess it cant hurt to only use 2 for a while and see, but im somewhat doubtful
  6. SOLVED: It was a 24pin PSU cable extension from cable mod. Hello... So I built a computer in early 2021 (don't hate me I was super lucky). Asus prime x570 pro 5950x 3090 TUF OC Corsair RM850x White *2018* (850W) 4x 8GB corsair dom plat rgb the PSU was my only choice as the 1000+ Watts I ordered with the parts got delayed for multiple months then ultimately I had to chose another one (ordered in Ord, built in late Jan) Obviously I overclocked the shit out of it. After a while I started noticing some hard reb
  7. Hello internet, So I've got an issue where my pc won't go to sleep on its own.. I've done a ton of troubleshooting via google and i managed to track it down to my network card. I have an Asus XG-C100C 10gbs ethernet card. It works wonderfully. If i physically take it out of the system, the pc correctly goes to sleep If the card is in the pc will never go to sleep The power management options are greyed out: Things I've tried: Reverting to older driver versions updating the Aquanta chip's firmware via a t
  8. That's what i thought Yes that's why I said i still have some research time I don't actually have a 3090 yet and I suspect I got "some" waiting to do
  9. well anyway thanks for being so helpful @Exidor.. You took some of my concerns away and introduced a full batch of new ones but I suppose it's a good thing... I still have some time to do some research anyways and there's still the chance we'll see something cool at CES
  10. how about this? https://rog.asus.com/articles/gaming-monitors/the-rog-swift-pg27uqx-mini-led-monitor-delivers-4k-gaming-at-144hz/ I suppose you can't get 444 with it? (which is a huge deal breaker) oh that's why.. nvm then
  11. Wait are mini led anywhere close to buyable yet? for less than 3k$, that is
  12. Yes I'm planning to wall mount that. So it's not crazy big it seems.. that's nice to know... I tried sitting in front of my tv and trying to imagine how it would be but I was afraid i would've gotten buyers remorse after a while... I'm gonna read that thread but I thought the VRR problems were patched?
  13. Yes I meant the 48 but beause my crappy TV atm is 43" so i got confused XD i since edited