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  1. okay, I keep finding things that have changed. Some software that I had was completely uninstalled, including afterburner which i used to control gpu fan curves. This almost resulted in my gpu overheating while rendering with octane. Can somebody please explain what happened? Did I just misunderstand what the cmos clear does or did something happen that shouldn't have? I keep looking online and everything says that it should only affect bios
  2. I noticed some programs I had pinned to my taskbar were missing as well and a program that uses online licensing told me that the license was already in use on my computer and I could not deactivate it without contacting their support. My recycling bin was also full of over 100gb of data that i had deleted and cleared from the bin weeks ago. What is going on?
  3. I had to use the clear cmos button on my motherboard because I had enabled fast boot which completely locked me out of my bios for some reason (the option didn't appear in the troubleshoot restart menu). I now have access to my bios again, but some folders on my desktop are missing. I looked it up before and every source said that it only changes bios settings. But it seems to have reverted windows to an earlier recovery point or something. Files that I had deleted from my desktop weeks ago appeared when windows booted and folders/files I had on my desktop before clearing cmos are gone. my dow
  4. So i tried to go into the bios but none of the shortcut keys are working and its not showing up in the troubleshoot menu on restart. I think i enabled fast boot last time i was in the bios. I didn't think it would be an issue. any other way to get into bios?
  5. I am having an issue where cinema 4d freezes randomly and sometimes never recovers requiring me to close it from task manager. I am working on renderings of fairly large scenes, but the cpu is barely used and my ram is never over 30%. When this occurs, the memory usage of c4d gets stuck and does not change. this occurs sometimes in other software as well, but c4d/octane is the majority of my workflow. Is there something I can do about this? I need to be able to speed up my workflow and this is a big hindrance. specs: cpu: i9 7900x ram: 64gb gskill 3200 gpu: 1080ti,
  6. I emailed otoy (rendering software company) as well as gigabyte (gpu company) to see if they knew the cause, but i have not heard back both of my cards have curves set to reach max rpms at 50c. this is pretty aggressive and loud, but i don't care much about sound. I expected the 1080ti to run a bit hot because it reached into the low 70s on its own. I imagine the culprit now is just the fact that it is pulling air straight off of the 2080ti backplate so the temps aren't going to change much unless i blow cold air directly on the cards. I guess i could return my aorus e
  7. Motherboard is x299 tomahawk ac I would much rather have the rtx card in the top slot to maximize its performance, but for the reasons listed above, that is not possible. I'm still getting about 1935MHz with stock settings so it seems to be performing okay cpu is i9 7900x (not the best, but this was my first build and didnt quite know what I was doing yet) airflow setup: 3x 120mm intake fans on front, 1x 240mm exhaust fan on back, x62 kraken aio on top with fans pulling air out of case I tried removing the filter, the top panel, and the glass for better airflow while
  8. i've started removing the front panel while rendering to get better airflow. it doesn't have any effect on temps. it runs about 10c cooler in the morning and late at night so the outside temp is definitely a big factor. i think the reason the 1080ti is getting so hot is that its a blower style card so its just sucking hot air from the gap between the cards now. the only thing i can think of now is to have actively cooled air blowing into the case.
  9. Update: I was able to rearrange some cables to get the 2080ti on the bottom allowing for a good bit more space between the cards. Now i'm seeing slightly better temps: 70c on the 2080ti and 83c on the 1080ti. I did run into an issue where my renderings were crashing with the monitors plugged into the 2080ti (bottom pcie slot). to my knowledge both slots are pcie x 16 so i did not think it would be an issue. seemed quite odd to me. but connecting the monitors to the 1080ti in the top pcie slot solved that issue. for all the people suggesting to remove the side panel: i
  10. would love to but I don't have money for more new parts right now. I'm in the middle of my thesis. Also, I do mostly graphics rendering so threadripper would only help a little
  11. nzxt h700. I thought about that but I live in los angeles in an apartment with no ac so i have my windows open all the time. can't even keep my desk clean so i don't want all of that getting in my pc. it's also 34c outside right now and will probably get hotter as the summer goes so those temps would go down a little in a cooler climate
  12. I have been running a system with a gigabyte 1080ti turbo mostly for 3d modelling and rendering. My primary software is cinema 4d and octane render. I recently decided to buy a gigabyte aorus x 2080ti to use in addition to the 1080 ti. However, I did not realize that my motherboard did not have much space between the pcie slots and the two cards are almost touching. the issue might be solved if i could put the 2080ti on the bottom, since the 1080ti is a slimmer blower style card. However, there are some necessary connectors on the motherboard getting in the way. I ran octane benc
  13. I just noticed that the rtx quadro 5000 is under $2k now. How would that compare to the 2080 ti? as far as rendering, more vram i assume would mean scenes load in faster but I haven't seen much about the quality of the card itself. I did read one article that said the quadro chipset is more in line with the 2080 instead of the ti. I am an architecture student so the computer will primarily be used for modelling, rendering, and animating (possibly some light ai work in the future). I have used computers with 2080 ti before and they're great, but i have had no experience with the quadro cards.
  14. Any general recommendations on the best 2080 ti to get? I am currently looking at the gigabyte aorus extreme and the MSI Gaming x trio
  15. I am looking to get an rtx 2080 ti card for my rendering/animation pc. I currently have a gigabyte 1080ti turbo blower style card which i want to keep as well (I use octane render primarily which supports mismatched gpus) and I am wondering which rtx card would pair best as far as cooling goes. I have seen that the dual fan fe 2080 tis have cooling issues in multi gpu setups and that three fan gaming cards are not great either for multi gpu since they exhaust heat into the case. So I am wondering what card/setup would be best. My case is an nzxt h700 so there is plenty of space and case fans f