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  1. I know low temps are good, however when my CPU only pulls a max of about 15W they are to be expected. 

    So I have a Ryzen 5 2400G and at idle and low load (internet browsing ect) it only pulls about 4W, However when I was trying to edit a video it was struggling a bit, so I dropped the resolution down to 360p so I could scrub somewhat cleanly. However I was still having trouble, so I checked task manager and saw that i was never pushing the CPU beyond 12-20% and the GPU barely got above 5%. The memory was the only thing I saw above 50% and that was because I only have 8GB of ram and also had Chrome open using 25-30% of it. 

    To check it out I downloaded Core Temp and saw that on an all core 100% synthetic load (registers as 100% in task manager), I never got above 15-16W of power and as a result never above 40 degrees C/ 

    So no worries of thermal throttling, I built the computer myself but never dabbled with overclocking beyond enabling XMP profiles.

    Can anyone suggest why at max load it is 40W lower than the rated TDP or am I just not loading it enough.



  2. 3 hours ago, Tom_Wood said:

    Thanks for the replies, I am leaning towards it being a Windows software issue as everything was working perfectly 20 mins before on Linux. I will give the Distro a go, and failing that I will try to re-install a different .ISO file. 

    Will come back with results.

    The live Ubuntu distro is working perfectly, internet is working nicely. So it is just a windows problem after all. I will probably try a fresh install and go from there. 


  3. After converting a Linux laptop to windows to be able to sell it for more, I tried to connect to the internet. I saw there was no Wi-Fi option. After some digging I saw there where no wireless adaptors in device manager. After trying to install some drivers to see if I could get it to show up, one of the driver installers said there was no wireless adaptor the drivers could be updated for. Does anyone know a fix for this at all. The laptop is Honor MagicBook 14, the wireless adaptor is Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265. When in Linux everything worked perfectly, just wouldn't sell for as much as if it had windows.

  4. So I am in the final stages of making my first PC (so the problem is probably my fault). I have a M.2 SSD that is working perfectly and I have used to boot the PC, so I have an inactivated version of windows 10 64x bit. 

    However I also have a Seagate 1tb Hard Drive. I replaced it once (long story) now the new one spins up however it doesn't show up anywhere in the BIOS or windows. I have tested it in all of the 7 SATA ports with 5 different SATA cables so I think it isn't a hard wear problem. I saw it might have something to do with the SATA drivers but I don't really understand the difference betweeen RAID and AHCI or what they do. If there are any suggestions I am open to all.

    My CPU is a Ryzen 5 2400G 

    Motherboard is Asrock B450 Pro4

    Hard drive is Seagate 1tb (not sure if anything else is needed)


    Thanks for any help.