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  1. @Goildzy thanks for helping with fixing the memory pool, I have no clue how that got screwed up in the first place considering it was a new install of windows, I was still blue screening for other reasons I brought the system over my friends house and since it would only blue screen after a few hours and then blue screen every time after unless the system was turned off for a bit so we assumed it was a heat thing, he had some trident Z 3200 ram by gskill which had a much better heat spreader that we tested and it seem to fix the problem. Also I didn’t have a usb that I could boot from so I c
  2. Yeah I was thinking the exact same thing when I got it and looked at the tacky box and saw the weird brand but here is the link to it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SH7DHBS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_zC6xDbNMDGCBN and for @Stormseeker9 @Goildzy thanks for the reply I’ll try those tomorrow cause its a bit late and get back to you on the results
  3. So i recently just bought a new x570 mobo and ryzen 5 3600 cpu since i accidently broke the last one i put all the new stuff in and it ran pretty decent until it started blue screening every so often maybe twice or three times a day, typically the error code is something related to memmory such as "memory_managment" or "non_paged_memory_pool" but every now and again ill get something like "system_service_expectation" or other stuff, i heard ryzen ram support was not that great but ryzen 3 improved on it so i thought it was uncompatable ram but i looked it up and the ram i have is par
  4. Hey I’m sure you guys have got some hilarious cursed pc photos let’s share em here, I’ll throw one of my favorites that I made in here.