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  1. The difference between the 9100 and the 9100f is that the 9100f dosent have the intel integrated graphics.
  2. It’s ok to get temp spikes even up into the high 80s or low 90s occasionally as long as you maintain averages of 80c or under. If you are still uncomfortable with the temps you can always try under clocking your cpu.
  3. This happens on most or all mechanical keyboards. It happens on my black-widow elite with razer yellow switches.
  4. Do you know where I can get this cable?
  5. I recently bought the 3x 120mm aergb fans with hue 2 from NZXT but on step 5 it tells me to connect 4 pin power cable to open fan header on my motherboard. The problem is I can’t find that cable anywhere and it’s not on the component list so I was wondering if it’s something I need to buy separately and if so where can I buy it.
  6. I put the previous cooler on and it worked. I’m pretty sure the x72 has a very weak or defective pump so I’m sending it back today. Thank you all for the help.
  7. @schwellmo92 Previous cooler which is the EVGA clc 240 gives temps that max at around 81c under load.
  8. I would recommend a razerblade 15 with a rtx 2060 max q and i7 8750h
  9. @bignaz this sounds similar to the problem I’m having but it worked just fine with my previous cooler and I didn’t take out the cpu during the transfer.
  10. @For Science! 3pin pump is connected to cpu fan header, then I connected the sata cables and the fans are connected to fan hub.
  11. I’m almost ? sure that the pump works. When the computer is on both it and the tubes vibrate and I can hear it pump water through.
  12. @Valkyrie Lenneth both cpu and water block is mounted correctly and I did make sure to do the cross patter with the thumb screws.