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    AMD Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz 8-Core Processor
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    Crucial Ballistix Sport AT 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3000 Memory
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    MSI GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6 GB ARMOR OCV1 Video Card
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    Corsair 250D Mini ITX Tower Case

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  1. I owned a Razer Kraken Analog version years ago and they were awful. I ended up returning them. Everything sounded so muddled and there was no detail in anything. To be blunt, it sounded like complete shit. Maybe the newer ones are "better", but I would highly avoid them.
  2. I have this same RAM kit. Excellent kit for the price and provides great value when using motion graphics. This drive might struggle with your 4k footage from the Canon. Are you going to be using proxies? I had to move away from a mechanical drive recently as it just could not handle our GH5's 4k footage. If you could find some more money in your build to get a 1TB SSD you would benefit greatly from it. I think the Crucial MX500's 1TB drives are only $50 more.
  3. I've found that Focurite's are super finicky on Windows machines for whatever reason. When I would troubleshoot them on Windows machines there would be all sorts of problems like you described, but then when we would plug the same device into a Mac it would work flawlessly with no issues. Only way we could resolve these issues would be to do a fresh install of the application (adobe audition, audacity, etc) or do a fresh windows install. Annoying for sure.
  4. Seconded on the Focusrite. Amazing build and solid quality for the price. I've installed these mics at some radio stations years past and they are decent for the price. You definitely get what you pay for, but if this is all your budget allows, it's pretty good.
  5. When I worked in the radio industry back in 2014-2016 there were tons and TONS of software companies that would only have Windows XP versions of their software and nothing else as they feared if they stopped supporting XP and moved onto Windows 7 and beyond it would alienate their customer base since a majority of stations couldn't afford to upgrade their systems past XP. The amount of systems still running on 2000 and XP in the radio industry, especially in very small markets and small stations is astonishing. It's like a blast in the past everyday. There were so many stations, especially col
  6. God, I did exactly this for my first build ? Take your time, and watch a video while building it and treat it like someone is physically there guiding you on what to do. When I did my second build last year I had a video walk-through on the TV and would constantly pause it to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything. I think Linus recently released a first time building video that is pretty good at walking you through what you need to know and do.
  7. Agree 100%. Every smart TV I have owned and used at a relatives or friends place is horrible to use. Buggy, slow, crashes, unresponsive and a miserable user experience. I have been clinging onto this Best Buy 55 inch Insignia dumb TV that I purchased for under $250 for a couple years now and I love it. My ps4 is hooked up to it so no need for it to have any smart capabilities. Some smart TV's even lack basic features, like those Vizio smart TV's that weren't on the latest version of Chromecast so you couldn't use it for Disney+. My girlfriend has one of those Vizio smart TV's, and
  8. I have been looking at Viotek a lot on Amazon and I love that they have a specific dead pixel policy. So far it is between that and this monitor.
  9. Any monitor with dead pixels or backlight bleed. I simply cannot justify paying $300 for a monitor with a dead pixel.
  10. It really is. I bought five from Microcenter and four from Best Buy. Only possible thing I can think of is that since it was the holiday's they were marking down known "defective" units and selling them just to get rid of inventory, but that seems like a stretch.
  11. Recently, I went through the peril of going through nine defective out of the box monitors in a row last month. I am in need of a new monitor very badly, as my current monitor is a 1080p monitor from 6 years ago. I have purchased and exchanged two Acer Nitro XV272U, two Dell SE2717HR, MSI Optix MAG27CQ, Dell S2716DGR, and three (yes, three), Samsung Space Monitors before giving up on my quest for a monitor. Am I looking at the wrong monitors with bad quality control, or do I need to up the budget a bit to get a "better quality panel". I really liked the Samsung Space Mo
  12. I am actually going to send this monitor directly into Samsung to have them repair it. Figured instead of doing the lottery every time at Best Buy that I should just send it i and wait a few weeks for them to repair the screen. I got nothing left to lose at this point. But seriously, I cannot believe that quality control has gone down this much. I know it's the holidays coming up so they are trying to push out as many units to stores as possible, but to encounter 9 straight dead pixels from different brands and models from two entirely different stores (one store being two separate
  13. Just exchanged the monitor once more during my lunch break and the 9th monitor now has two dead pixels ? I'm just going to chalk this up as a loss and try buying monitors again at a later point in my life lol.
  14. No, first 5 were from Microcenter, next 3 from Best Buy (first was at one best buy and the other two were at another location since they didn't have the Dell or Samsung in stock).