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  1. So tomorrow my Samsung 860 EVO 500GB arrives, I'm swapping this from my Kingston VSS300 Which I've had for numerous years and has recently been performing poorly, and in general my pc is just full of cluttered shit and a million programs which have sort of made my pc not let other programs work. But besides that my question still remains. So, I've put all my important files and games etc onto my M.2 ssd and my plan is this: Put everything onto my M.2 Take out the m.2 so on the windows reset it doesn't wipe my m.2 so to say. Put a windows boot file onto the new
  2. Hi, somewhat recently my shadowplay recordings have been coming out at 19.20fps (I'll attach an image of the properties.) I don't know how or why it happened it might've been an update or just out of the blue with my graphics card. Specs: i7 5930K @ 5.0 GHz / STRiX GTX 1060 6GB / ASUS X99A TITANIUM / 16GB G SKILL TRIDENT Z DDR4 / Kingston 120GB ssdnowV300 / Samsung 970 EVO 1tb m.2 ssd / EVGA G2 850 I play mainly rust and the division 2 and it seems like anytime I alt f10 something and look back through it in my videos it's just horrendously low fps. I get ab
  3. Yeah, I'm playing CS:GO and Rust and so but I have it set so the microphone volume level stays the same through the cfg file, there's a line called "voice_mixer" or something along those lines where you can choose what level it is at, and i have it set to match my windows settings.
  4. It's always disabled. I have it set to a slider. The mic just gets fucked up by itself randomly.
  5. Is there anyway I can do that? Because I run a lot of programs that I don't know if i'd be able to check if they control my mic. It just happens randomly even like mid talking or, if i'm sat watching videos, or just playing games.
  6. So. My persistent issue is still around. For some strange reason my mic likes to adjust its sound? It's always on 100 on the level on windows, and the Audio interface is turned up a bit aswell. I have a RODE NT1-A With a Behringer UMC22. This only started happening recently and has been a pain for such things like discord. I've unticked the "exclusive" stuff and not letting it be taken control of, I've done the communications thing where it wont do anything if other programs intervene. I'm stuck for answers.
  7. Could try that yeah. It's just weird how it only happens on discord.
  8. Seems like it yeah, it's super strange.
  9. Yeah, everything else seems fine. Nothing seems to change in levels in my shadowplays or so, as I have Mic On.
  10. Anyone have any fixes for My mic going super quiet in discord randomly? I have a RODE NT1-A XLR with a Behringer UMC22 Interface and recently it's decided that it wants to go super quiet if I move it the slightest, or sometimes just randomly. I have the levels at 100% and I have all of the little extras on discord turned off which can control my microphone, I also have off the "Let programs exclusively take control of this device" etc etc. Is there a simple fix for it at all?
  11. So, I use a Behringer UMC22 and a RODE NT1-A. I never really bothered with installing the drivers before because with a plug and play sorta thing that happened with it I never really bothered, and it worked perfectly, audio would come back through both ears lets say in a shadowplay clip for example. Today whilst updating my Behringer drivers to: BEHRINGER_2902_X64_2.8.40 straight from their site, I noticed that the microphone became a "Line-in" device and only gave me the option for 2 channel input from my microphone,and it's just been a real bother with wha
  12. So recently I picked up a RODE NTA-1 And a behringer UMC22 to pair it with. Out the box it worked great and I've loved it, made some adjustments to quality and so forth. I decided to change the audio quality to 2 channel, 16 bit 48000hz, dvd quality. It was originally on one channel. When I change it to 2 instead of 1, when I play back anything or record anything the audio only comes from one side of my ear, yet for people on discord per say, hear it from both. Is this something on my end I'd need to adjust so my microphone will produce audio to both sides
  13. Tried it on HDMI and so on and it persisted to continue.
  14. We did it and seems like nothing changed besides the screen tearing gone. The extreme motion blur or whatever it is is still here.