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  1. Ye i will, ima keep the thread active
  2. My mate is a tradie and a lot of good wood gets chucked out on site so we recycle some of it into cutting boards and a range of furniture. So we want something different to try. So decided to make a unique pc case!!
  3. I will be making it out of rimu wood.
  4. the sides will be closed, my idea is to make the cpu and gpu compartments kind of like air tunnels
  5. I think i confused everyone by my original post. What im trying to ask is for suggestion of case shape and component location. I just put up a draft of an unfinished idea as my original image. My first concept is below with the fan placements i was thinking. The two fans that are the intake and exhaust in the cpu chamber will run at low rpms to minimize noise. The reason I want to not have the fans on the CPU cooler but rather on the case is so the vrms and other mobo components are also getting cold air. and if i also had fans on the CPU cooler that many fans would intefere with eachother and
  6. when is it coming out? I'm in New Zealand so I'm not even sure we would get it
  7. have a look at an intel 11400f, i've been an AMD fanboy for a little bit but the 11400f is really good value for the money
  8. The shape of the case can be whatever, i just need some ideas
  9. tldr: I need help with a case layout. So i have a woodworking shop at my disposal and planning to build a custom case for my new pc. My main priority is for the pc to make almost no noise when the cpu is under load because i have a small bedroom studio and need minimal noize coming from the pc. (GPU noise is irrelevant since it is basicly at idle when using fl studio). So im planning to go for a fanless solution for the cpu. I'm going to be getting an intel 11400f and putting a Phanteks PH-TC14PE on top of it with no fans from what i have researched its one of the best fanless solu
  10. I honestly think the fans are just not keeping up to be honest, cpu runs now colder then ever. I recon with the new thermal paste is too good at heat transfer compared to the old one and the heatpipe and rad is just tiny. Thank you for the suggestion
  11. I went out and brought some arctic silver 5 thermal paste to change out the one put in by HP when i got my laptop, i also cleaned out the fans with compressed air and made a ram upgrade. when i turned my laptop on it ran fine for a few minutes, however when i launched a game the area of the laptop where the heatpipe runs began to be very hot to the touch. Any ideas on why and what i could do to fix it?!