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  1. Ok so, I basically just need a remote computer not for storage use. Almost like have a remote raspberry pi somewhere connected to vnc. I'm not really sure what to search for. Plz help. If it's widows or Linux I don't really care.
  2. By budget is sub 1k hopefully 600-800 but 900 is fine too
  3. So I'm looking to get a stream of and I can't afford brand new PC but I prefer 6 cores so I looked at the i7 8700 which is besiclly this same as the i7 still are now. But I can't seem to find one that is low enough price for it to make sense. Do PC parts have some kind of weird value curve? I never looked in to used parts so please help thx.
  4. So I got a 16gb m.2 optane drive, put it in my omen HP laptop, downloaded the Intel® Optane™ Memory User Interface, and rebooted. Now I can't boot back and gives me this error screen. What do I do now? Plz help thx
  5. But cod isn't really a team based team like overwatch with roles like tank healer and stuff like that, cod is more of a individual frag game
  6. So I am mainly a Overwatch player and after playing Valorant, it just ain't quite a replacement for me. So this got me thinking, if I have the resources to make a game that I would love to play, what would it be? And I thought of a overwatch like fps heros with lol map/objective, and ability cool-downs recharge by how much damage/healing you do. Why hasn't anyone done a fps lol style (moba) game?
  7. Solved I reinstalled my driver six or seven times kind of a pain but it works now
  8. Thermals in the 70s (normal for me while gaming) just updated driver yesterday
  9. It's a laptop so i7 8550u Max q 1050 16gb 2400
  10. My gpu useage keep spiking I am only getting around 5 for frames per second when I am expecting around 70 any idea why thanks
  11. Btw what happened was I ran through the rain while texting so I thought the phone should be resistant enough for that
  12. So I’ve have the moisture in charging port notification for weeks now and I’ve just been charging wireless. I have not touched the port at all and just waiting for it to dry out but it just won’t. And I think it’s a software issue. Does anyone know how to solve this problem so I can charge with a cable again? Thx
  13. I going to use it for video in low light and places with difficult lighting. I’m choosing between a canon m100 with a decent cheap second hand sigma lens, Sony a3000 with a 35mm second hand sigma lens, or a Sony a3300 with a kit lens. I’ll be shooting objects with fast movement with a gimbal and my phone (s10 galaxy) just isn’t cutting it.
  14. It’s probably because of some settings in Minecraft you have to change. Also why are you trying to overclock playing Minecraft?
  15. Can u crack a bone with a raw egg out of a pressure pipe cannon?