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  1. i already have an opnevpn server. but i never heard of 2FA via Google Auth. Souds quit good. ATM im using openvpn with userspecific configs
  2. Good evening! on my esxi host there is a vm which i want to access via remote. No Problem. My Question now is, if there is any 2 factor auth possible. Like you get smth like a code on your phone after you put in your username + pw. I dont want to use RDS and WinServer. It would be best if i could use basic windows 10 Pro Do you guys know any solution ? (Sorry for my bad english )
  3. Moin ! i already use the windwos raid. but because of the performance, i wanna switch to an raid controller.
  4. Mahlzeit, as we say in Germany Im looking for an RaidController.. This RAID Controller should Managed RAID1 in a basic Desktop PC. Nothing special... The PC is based on an HP Pro Desk 600 G1 Do you guys maybe have some recommendations ? Greetings from Germany!
  5. tbh i havent found the manual ! thank! tomorrw the mainboard will arrive. ill test it tomorrow
  6. The Power is already connected. The question ist just if i can only plugin the SATA into the MB and use the harddrives. Also theres no manual about the backplane, because usually the server got sell with hardware
  7. Good Evening, I recently bought a servercase which has an Backplane. Now there are many cable.. I have absolutely no idea where to plugin these. I know, that there are some SGP (?) Cable. Do i need them or is it enought to plug in the power cable into the backplane and the SATA into my mainboard? I hope so I Dont need an raid or smth.. I just need to use my harddrives.. Thank! (Sorry for my bad english, im from germany haha)
  8. TechMarc

    Does it fit

    thank you ! i already bought a new cooler.
  9. Hi with an Ryzen I would set up an Virtualisation Host like ESXi or vSphere.. With those OS you can just create some virtualmaschines.. Just install the Webserver on an different server and you can easily restart your gameserver while your webserver is still runing. (sry for my bad english... im from germany)
  10. TechMarc

    Does it fit

    Good evening! in the next few days im goint to build my server. Know i have an Aircooler from an HP ProDesk 600 G1. Do you guys know if this cooler will fit in an normal 1150´-Mainboard ? (The ProDesk has also an 1150-Socket) I aleready google it but i couldnt find any results Greetings from Germany!
  11. hmm okay. already thought about.... Probably its easier to buy a new Mainboard thanks for your help
  12. Good evening :D i orderd a new server case which has an redunant 700W power supply with an 8-PIN CPU & 24PIN Mainboard cable. Problem now ist, that the hardware, which ist going into the case needs 4pin CPU and 6pin Mainboard cable. (Its an HP Pro desk 600g1) Do you guys now if its possible to put the cables from the power supply into the HP Mainboard ? P.S Sorry for my bad english :( Im from Germany haha