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  1. Ah yes just saw this. This does feel as though it would be the case! I had hoped with the way the flat was designed there was a simple solution that I was missing that didn't require any additional wiring of power cables or additional cable routing. Thank you both @Radium_Angel@Biomecanoid for all your input
  2. Yes definitely seems as though I am! I have DSL internet. The distance from the router to the cables is only maybe 4-5 metres, my main concern would be that it could create a few tripping hazards (or would require careful wiring). It unfortunately could interfere with ~3 doorways in terms of tripping, and 2 doors in terms of closing.
  3. Ah I am the owner of the flat so unfortunately no-one to ask! It's not an especially old building (maybe 10 years max) so the design does confuse me. I imagine it would be a bit of an unorthodox solution (and probably not a very good one), but considering whether: 1. wiring my router through the second RJ45 in my living room (which would avoid creating any trip hazards) 2. using a PoE injector to account for my assumption the router can't power a PoE device 3. in the cupboard use a switch that can be powered via PoE, plugged in to the ethernet cable from
  4. Thank you - just makes me question the wisdom of putting all the cables there without a power outlet! I was hoping I might be able to use a PoE switch that could be powered via the ethernet cable, but even so I guess I'd still have to find a suitable way to link this up to the modem / router. I don't really know enough about how these work to really understand if it would be suitable. (something like the following: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PVDR1U8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04__o00_s00?ots=1&slotNum=1&imprToken=40bb900a-9418-38b2-490&tag=arstech
  5. Thank you - appreciate it is a big assumption, but assuming that all the cables work what you are saying is that the solution would be to move the router / modem (router and modem are built into one unit) to where all the cables come together?
  6. Thank you for the quick response Heh yes you are correct re the ethernet jacks. I had been looking at these but have never come across them before today - thank you definitely a potential solution!
  7. Hi All, Hoping you might be able to provide some advice to me please :). I'm generally reasonably tech competent but network set up is an area where my knowledge is extremely limited so I would be very grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction. In short I would like to hard wire devices in separate rooms in my flat. What I can't figure out is how to effectively do this. Current Setup My wireless router is currently set up in my living room. Across the hall from my living room I have a cupboard, where all of the ethernet cables f