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  1. ... damn. I don't know why either, it was slow sometimes for me, and for my sister in a different PC. Thing is, it loads instantly through FTP, so it must have something to do with MTP or how Windows does things by default and how that intersects with MTP's limitations. I did suggest taking the SD out but she didn't have a microsd adapter, and probably didn't have a card reader either, so back to square one. But sometimes you just need to tinker with files on the internal memory, so it would be interesting to fix that MTP problem rather than circumvent it.
  2. That's fine and good... if you want the files on a USB stick. If you want them on your pc then you'll have to copy them again, which is redundant and slows the whole process. If you want to use an external hard drive, sometimes it won't work through OTG. How about no. In what universe would be sending your entire library to Zucc's servers, having them compressed in the process and being limited by the speed of your connection better than using ShareMe? I appreciate the intention but I'm asking on the Windows subforum about how to connect Android phones to Windows, direct
  3. I've always connected my phone by cable and selected the "transfer files" option, but today my sister called me complaining about it: she had been over an hour trying to transfer pictures to her PC but when she got into the pictures folder the thing would just be stuck loading for ages and report a different number of files every time. I've seen this behaviour before, so I wanted to know... what gives? I figure Windows tries to load every picture to make thumbnails or something and the emmc or the sd on the phone just can't keep up, or maybe it's something about not reading a storage unit but
  4. I went with the MX500 1TB. Barely installed Windows and general utilities (a Ninite pack and a handful of programs) but so far so good. As I'm not pressed to buy one it's less about how much performance can I get in a given budget and more about how cheap could a laptop that covers my expectations be. And that would be more or less what I wrote before: a laptop with a decent IPS 1080p display with high refresh rate, a decent CPU, a 1660ti, 16GB RAM, and a quality SSD never smaller than 500GB. Nothing out of the extraordinary either, but a good, capable machine. When I see one cheap
  5. I'd like to have a new one so I can play games on it and have a better display, but as that cost a pretty penny I'll take the cheapest solution that provides a good user experience.
  6. Kinda got excited reading the BX500 is cheap like the A400 and better, but hahagha not in amazon.es I guess ?
  7. Oh, for some reason I thought it was Kingston who bought SanDisk, coupled them together in the post because of that.
  8. I'd like to know if space in SSDs follow the same marketing fraud as HDDs and pendrives where they translate units at 1000 instead of 1024 and you end up with 930GB of storage in a "1TB" drive. Like, how much storage is there in a cheap 480GB Kingston/SanDisk? Or in the 500GB and 1TB versions of WD Blue, Crucial MX500 or Samsung 860 EVO? Just to make calculations around my need so I don't exceed say 70% of the drive and all that. Mainly I'm choosing between the 500GB (67€) or the 1TB (111€) MX500, 'cause the Samsungs are a bit more expensive (at 77€ and 140€ respectively). About the
  9. I have been reading that it should be easy to clone and swap if the drive comes with a sata-to-usb cable (I don't know if the MX500 includes it). Also that I could log into a Microsoft account and have my system checked so reinstalls wouldn't require a key (I upgraded W7 so I don't know if that key would activate a clean W10 installation), then again I don't know either if Microsoft would consider it the same machine after I swap the drive. Anyway, I don't mind the work, I'd get it running eventually. Here you have a screenshot of CrystalDiskInfo for both my laptop (a composite
  10. Long story short: My Toshiba Satellite L850-150 is really slow and I'm considering replacing the 5400rpm HDD on it with a half decent SSD. Please tell me if that should do the trick with productivity in mind considering the rest of its parts. I also considered replacing the display for a 1080p IPS one for media consumption, but seems like the cable to the motherboard doesn't support it to begin with it's not very likely that either it's possible to do it or that I could pull it off, so if you have any ideas I'm all ears. Maybe a portable monitor or a tablet would be an easy solution for that