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    Ryzen 5 2600
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    Radeon RX580 (XFX)
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    250GB SSD, 2TB HDD
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    Samsung S24C200
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  1. Stress test the absolute FUCK out of it. I do this because I can't get over how good it is compared to my old pc. My old pc had a CPU from 2008, and a GT630 gpu.
  2. Check your stats, did this happen after 10 WUs? Do you have a passkey? If both those are yes, than congrats! You now have QRB (Quick Return Bonus) for getting the WUs back quickly. Also 500ppd is insanely low. Might have something to do with it.
  3. Problem solved. The thing maxes out at 65C now.
  4. How old is old? I've had this computer for 7 months, do you really think it could dry out that quickly?
  5. Got it. Most likely reference then. This thing usually stays exactly at 78C when under full load during night, during the day it stays at around 78C for 5 minutes than goes to 80.
  6. What's the difference? I can try to tell you the model number if that helps.
  7. Oh yes. Any time this card is folding, I set the fan speed to max using MSI Afterburner.
  8. Dear LinusTechTips community, I need a temporary solution to my XFX RX580 overheating, all the time. WIthin 30 minutes of folding, my safety measures (HWiNFO automatically running shutdown.exe when either GPU or CPU reach max temp) kick in and shutdown the pc. This is a catastrophe! The room temperature of my house is 80F+ (26c) and I can never leave my PC folding. So how does one cool this GPU without using external fans, (yes I tried using an industrial fan to cool my gpu) or any expensive cooling system. Specs of the PC are on my profile page.
  9. I have just "signed up" for a passkey. I only have done 3 WUs. (you can check my stats here). That's why I only make around 80k a day.
  10. How in the even did you get 500k points in a day? My RX580 has been working 24/7 for 1 and a half days and I only have 3 WUs, and 87k points. I desire to know your specs