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  1. Funny
    JoeyDM reacted to dilpickle in Tile bashes Apple’s new AirTag as unfair competition. It will be asking Congress on Wednesday to take a closer look into Apple   
    First Rule of Free Capitalism: When someone makes a better product than you get Congress to pass a law. 😄
  2. Agree
    JoeyDM reacted to Middcore in Important questions to you people from USA!   
    Because most sandwiches will have some other condiment/emollient on the inside anyway (mayonnaise, mustard, etc) which means butter will be either redundant or just create a gross mixture. On the outside would at least allow you to taste it as a distinct flavor, but as already mentioned would make the sandwich too slippery/greasy to hold. 
    The exception of course would be buttering the outside of the bread and then grilling it but that doesn't seem to be what you mean. 
    Is butter the only thing you have?
  3. Funny
    JoeyDM reacted to wat3rmelon_man2 in What can go in a PCI slot?   
    Hmmm, actually that may help me play jif files more smoothly
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    JoeyDM got a reaction from FakeATF in What can go in a PCI slot?   
    I think you're giving up on peanut butter a bit early.
  5. Funny
    JoeyDM got a reaction from Guy_Incognito in What can go in a PCI slot?   
    I think you're giving up on peanut butter a bit early.
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    JoeyDM got a reaction from Lurick in What can go in a PCI slot?   
    I think you're giving up on peanut butter a bit early.
  7. Funny
    JoeyDM reacted to Arika S in Are Forums still a thing in 2021??   
    You know where you are right? 
  8. Funny
    JoeyDM reacted to comander in YouTube to try not publicly displaying the number of dislikes on a video   
    What is this science you speak of? This sounds like a conspiracy theory to silence ordinary folk who struggled with intro to logic during first year undergra... wait they never went to college. 
    (Full disclosure, you can do awesome things without a degree... but there is a correlation between breezing through the basics and being competent)
  9. Agree
    JoeyDM reacted to Commodus in YouTube to try not publicly displaying the number of dislikes on a video   
    In some ways I think it'd be smarter to get rid of dislikes entirely, but I can get behind this.
    An example: there are some, shall we say, "scientifically challenged" people who pile dislikes on news videos talking about the pandemic and vaccines. They're convinced they're striking a mighty blow and often point to the like/dislike ratio as their supposed proof. With this, they'd have no way of knowing how many people actually disliked the video and less incentive to dislike in the first place.
  10. Agree
    JoeyDM reacted to emosun in YouTube to try not publicly displaying the number of dislikes on a video   
    I could see how clicking a video and immediately looking at the like/dislike ratio to determine if you should watch it would be the actual driving force behind this.
    They can increase the amount of time people watch videos by decreasing the information they have going into them. Just get people to the first ad break before they know how much the video sucks. Thats probably their real goal here
  11. Agree
    JoeyDM reacted to freeagent in Goin' Old School   
    Of course, its always been like that.. probably why its dead 😄
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    JoeyDM got a reaction from wat3rmelon_man2 in Experiences with non-techies   
    HAH! I like it. -smashes- ANOTHER!
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    JoeyDM reacted to BuckGup in What is the oldest modern desktop setup possible?   
    I think it's almost entirely software limited now. Most PCs from the last 20 years can do document editing, internet browsing, and other mundane tasks. You'll run into issues like windows requiring 4Gbs of RAM and programs requiring drivers that are out of date and don't have new versions available 
  14. Agree
    JoeyDM reacted to SansVarnic in What happens in the US if you need treatment but have no health insurance?   
    This is not obvious.
    I dont have health insurance, dont need it. Have no use for it. I pay out of pocket when I have need of a doctor.
    I put a little into a savings account and when it is needed I use that to pay, the money I save is tremendous, and don't say people cannot do it. Its called discipline, monetary priority, and being responsible.
    If one cannot pay it in one payment you can finance through the hospital at no [zero] interest rate and make payments according to your income, its easy and most people do not think of it. There is very large misconception about this.
    In the US you cannot be turned away for treatment, its is a Federal law (has been for decades) and anyone... and I mean anyone that says differently is lying to you.
    Since the introduction of Health insurance the rates and cost of health care have gone up leaps and bounds more than it would have due to any influence of cost of living or inflation. I wont cite sources do your math based on the last 50years of cost compared to inflation. Not to mention Medicaid and Medicare.
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    JoeyDM reacted to Chionele in Warren Buffet investing style   
    Buy things you know about, complain about things you don't know about.
  16. Agree
    JoeyDM reacted to comander in Tech Stocks   
    It's NOT a good insurance though. In the extreme edge case (basically 0% chance of happening) you'd likely be brutalized for it - "stop hitting me, the gold is in this spot"

  17. Like
    JoeyDM got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in Canada and US: LG 32" 144Hz 1440P Gaming Monitor with FreeSync (works in G-Sync Compatible) - $399 CAD with free shipping / $299 USD   
    Just wanted to throw this out there: making pizza is cheap and it's really easy to make it way better than any chain. I'll mainly talk about traditional styles of pizza.
    Kenji Lopez-Alt's dough if you have a food processor: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/07/basic-new-york-style-pizza-dough.html Grandma-style pizza dough: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/grandma-style-pizza-dough Roberta's pizza dough: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1016230-robertas-pizza-dough Sauce:
    Kenji Lopez-Alt sauce, just adjust pepper flakes to your liking. Use different tomatoes to adjust sweetness (San Marzano, roma, plum, etc.) Cheese:
    Whole milk mozzarella with parmigiano reggiano (real parmesan) sprinkled on top. 60% regular mozzarella 20% parmigiano reggiano 20% pecarino romano 75% regular mozzarella 25% provolone If you try it and enjoy it look into pizza steels, they can drastically improve a good oven pizza.
    Pizza is good shit. I've been basically off the forums for nearly two years but I had to hop in for this shit.
  18. Funny
    JoeyDM reacted to weedydeedy in What caused the google shutdown   
    my sisters onlyfans;)
  19. Agree
    JoeyDM reacted to LAwLz in Bloomberg’s source spills the beans on Apple’s 2021-2022 CPUs and it’s crazy   
    Mark Gurman is one of the few people I trust when it comes to leaks.
    With that being said, this article doesn't really tell us a whole lot. Of course higher core count ARM chips from Apple are coming, and I am sure they will perform REALLY well. They will probably beat even Zen3 at similar core counts, at much lower power.
    The questions that I am interested in aren't being answered by this article though. Questions like, will they be able to keep everything on the same chip like they are now, even if they go bigger?
    How will they handle RAM? Will it support external RAM and how will that impact latency?
    What will I/O be like?
    That GPU config sounds insane though. 
    If we assume a linear single precision throughput from the 8 core variant then we get around 40 TFLOPs. For comparison, the RTX 3090 has around 30 TFLOPs.
    So even if we are conservative with our estimates, we're still talking about something much faster (like 20-30%) than a 3090 (in FP32). Of course, FP32 throughput isn't the be all and end all performance metric so take it with a grain of salt. But it might be a decent indication.
  20. Funny
    JoeyDM reacted to Teddy07 in Google fires prominent AI ethicist Timnit Gebru   
    I applaud Google 🙂
    I am against data privacy advocates or anyone else who hinders progress. 
  21. Funny
  22. Agree
    JoeyDM reacted to Arika S in Nvidia Sold $175 Million Worth of GeForce RTX 30 GPUs To Crypto Miners   
    says who?
    Miners are customers too. Why are "gamers" more entitled to new GPUs than anyone else?
  23. Agree
    JoeyDM reacted to Rybo in How difficult is it to get an app on to Apple App store   
    Pretty easy, I'd imagine.  Just agree to give Apple some large percent of every dollar you earn through the app or any services that the app supports, and follow The Guidelines™.  
    Of note in your case: Section 4.2...
  24. Funny
    JoeyDM got a reaction from BLKBRDSR71 in Corrupt a Wish game   
    Granted but the engine doesn't fit.
    I wish for $30 billion dollars in valid U.S. Currency with no criminal repercussions. 
  25. Agree
    JoeyDM reacted to SolarNova in I’ve got a lucky ticket…   
    Intel damage control .. AMD really hit them hard lol.
    To be fair, despite how inefficient TECs are, they are the only real compact option for sub ambient cooling.
    Still, unless they somehow improve efficiency i don't see them ever taking of.