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    Reading, computer shit, hanging out with friends, lab projects.


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    Intel i7 3770k
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    Asus P8Z77-V LK
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    Crucial Ballistix Spirt 16gb (4x4gb) 1600mhz CL9
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    GTX 780 EVGA ACX Cooler
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    Arc Midi R2
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    Samsung 850 EVO 1TB
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    Corsair HX850 Gold
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    Asus PA238QR
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    Hyper 212+
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    Ducky Shine 5 RGB
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    Logitech G502
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    Sennheiser HD6XX with Schiit Vali and Blue Yeti

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  1. I'd consider that a negative repercussion. Granted! You don't have a car. I wish I had some non-abnormal Cheetos.
  2. Granted, you don't like what you understand. I wish I had no medical biological reason to sleep and would not suffer any negative repercussions from skipping sleep.
  3. Granted! The RC car is functional but the remote is not. I wish I could eat whatever I wanted with no negative health repercussions.
  4. Of course not. Christmas movies have to have some Christmas theme, not just take place during Christmas. If it's a Christmas movie then so is any Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
  5. That thing is hilarious. The interior is actually just as bad as the exterior.
  6. Then maybe start at a bit more of a shallow depth.
  7. 100% agreed. And just to shit on Google: My Pixel ended up having three replacements, I have had a total of four Pixels. I've literally never dropped a phone, it just started rebooting on its own... As did it's replacement. Then the replacement to that randomly had the audio cut out for 30+ seconds on phone calls, making it effectively unusable as a phone. The third replacement worked fine, and just had the classic Android issue of slowing to a painful halt after a month or two of use, which is when I traded it for my current phone. I know a several people with the same issues. Ju
  8. Depends on the game. In Dragon Age 2 male Hawke has the worst voice possible, and I already feel like Hawke translates better as a female character.
  9. I agree, this isn't mean to bash religion, I'm just talking about the idea of evolution and the Burden of Proof. That's my exact issue with the creationist idea, if you accept that a higher being did something that humans can't comprehend, the learning and investigation stops there. You say that we can't understand what put the big bang into motion? No, we just don't yet, but if we as a race don't meet a premature end we will understand eventually. How can the greatest minds of earth prove or disprove something that likely exists only in the human imagination? Something
  10. The party making a claim has the burden of proof. Your claim is that a higher being set evolution into motion, so the burden of proof is on you to prove that, not on me to disprove it.
  11. Science is science and idiots are idiots. Anti-science is idiotic. Anti-vax, climate science deniers, evolution deniers / creationists, and flat earthers are all in the same stupid boat.