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  1. Bought a asus zephyrus g14 laptop yesterday to play on the go (specs). Booted up rust today and 30 minutes later both usb ports stopped working randomly. My mouse is no longer detected in device manager. There is no way there's any physical damage, I don't know what else to do. What I've tried: - unplugging/replugging - multiple restarts - Disabled USB selective suspend in power options - tried all power plans - disabled usb power saving options in device manager
  2. Hello all, Recently I built myself a PC for gaming and streaming. Its been performing very well, specs below. GPU: MSI Super Ventus RTX 2070 Super CPU: Ryzen 7 3700x Memory: G.skill Ripjaws 16GB @ 3200hz Mobo: Asroxk X570 phantom gaming ATX AM4 Storage: 1Tb NVME M.2 SSD PSU: Seasonic 650W 80+ Gold Anyway, the main game i play and stream is Rust. I feel like I don't get enough frames in certain situations, when streaming and without. I've compared to multiple friends who have similar specs but intel cpus such as i9 9900k and such. Apparent
  3. Ohh, thank you that explains a lot. XMP profile rn is: 3200hz at 1.35v I didn’t voltage change it at all, it was like that when i went to like 3400hz (pc wouldn’t boot past 3400). I guess thats my default, so if voltage isn’t the problem, what is?
  4. When I first did it, I didn't really know what I was doing, I just tried higher and higher speeds until until it wouldn't boot. Not sure of the voltage. Memory clock and fabric clock both set to 1600 mhz. Is that correct? I thought my speed was 3200hz (set in bios)?
  5. I tried ram oc. Highest it would go was like 3333 and after that it wouldn't boot. Really spooked me good when my pc wouldn't boot, luckily all i had to do was clear CMOS. Anyway, left ram speed at 3200hz, don't really know how to set it higher without booting problems. And as to timings, how can I change those?
  6. I don't really know what I'm looking at, but CAS latency: 16 DRAM frequency: 1599.6mhz
  7. Well i know I have 16gb set to 3200hz. How do i check timing?
  8. 16gb ram set to 3200hz You mean oc one core to 4.0+ and leave rest? Can i even do that? Initially didn't plan on overclocking, so i didn't bother and stuck with wraith prism. Only now i started to think about it.
  9. First of all, I've never overclocked a cpu or gpu, and don't know much about the topic. I picked up a ryzen 7 3700x for my build, and feel as its under performing in single core performance. My favorite game, Rust, thrives on higher clock speeds, so I'm planning on OCing from 3.6 to a 4.0 (or even higher if possible) Problem is, I'm using a wraith prism stock cooler that came with my ryzen chip. Will that be enough? Currently getting about 40C idle and 55-65C in Rust. Any help/tips much appreciated.
  10. 2x 1080p monitors first being 60hz via hdmi second being 240hz via DP
  11. some time passed, ive been fixing stuff in bios https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/20705865 better?
  12. Ok, will do. Do you think anything is abnormal tho? Honestly I rather not overclock, I just want my system to perform up to expectations.
  13. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/20414965 What else could be wrong with my GPU and CPU? Clocked it at 3200hz, didn't know it was even set to way lower by default, thank you very much
  14. Hello, Recently I built a rather high end PC for the purpose of streaming. The main game I intended to stream was Rust. However, for some reason my computer seems to be handling it poorly. No matter the graphic settings, I would get 50-60fps, where as my friend, with the EXACT same build gets 100-110. I decided to hop on a more optimized game to compare, Rainbow 6 Siege, and I struggled 100+ fps with medium settings. Drivers up to date, power in high performance mode, RAM in dual channel, and cpu temps fine, never exceeding 75c+. Below are my specs and some benchmarks. Apparently m