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  1. Budget (including currency): Under £1000 Country: UK Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Games from the past ten years and AAA games for the next few years Other details: I am looking to put together a PC mostly for gaming that will be able to play AAA games decently well for the next two to three years (though I don't expect to be playing at 144HZ Ultra setttings in 2023). I would like to be able to then make a few upgrades without having to completely replace everything so future proofing is important. I also require a new screen and I am looking
  2. I am looking to pickup some new headphones so that I finally stop using my laptop speakers and old samsung earphones and I am looking to spend less than £100. I have done quite a bit of looking around but quite frankly, I am at a bit of a loss because of the range of options out there. My main prioritiese are audio quality, build quality, and comfort. Having said that, it would be very nice to have a built in microphone (just something basic and serviceable) and wireless would also be nice but of coud that comes with compromises. I have no beyond
  3. So, recently my old laptop packed it in and now I am looking to upgrade to my first proper gaiming pc in years. My budget is uncertain as although I am aiming for £1000-1200, I need peripherals as well as a desktop and so it may be a case of spending a bit more but over the course of the next six months. I am in the UK and so will be using Pounds Sterling. I am not really sure what I need in terms of power as I have not played a lot of games for a few years while i have been at university. I want to be able to play triple A games very comfortably and be able to actually enjoy the g
  4. Ok, so I can now boot into safe mode after interrupting the restart but I cannot boot normally.
  5. Tried this but forgot to boot with networking. When I tried rebooting to change this, I found a new problem. I now get to the windows logo and the spinning dots wheel and then I see a black screen and can do nothing. I have now interrupted the restart several times and and windows is now doing its 'Diagnosing your PC' thing.
  6. Nope, nothing out of the ordinary in the task manager and no new programs have been instlled recently. I just booted into safe mode and now after restarting I am just seeing a black screen after the dell boot screen and the windows icon with the spinning wheel.
  7. So, two days ago, I was completing an assessment for a job application. After clicking complete, Firefox started behaving very stragely. I could open tabs but not close them, switch between the, etc. I could only access the tab I was on. After this, the rest of my computer started behaving very poorly. Games that I had been able to play reasobaly well lost anywhere from 30-60% of their framerates. I could no longer watch video on Amazon Prime without jittering and screen tearing. As soon as I started to try to multitask, everything crawls to a halt but I can do basic things like op