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  1. I managed to narrow down the problem a little: When I try to upload files over WebDAV it doesn't work, but if I go over the Link of a shared folder, I can upload / download files freely.. I don't know what's going on.
  2. I installed Nextcloud on my Unraid server. I went through a lot of work to setup a dyndns to have it accessible over the Internet, but I tried uploading a file (only a few MB) and got an error that the server doesn't have enough free space left for that... Even though in the system tab it says I still have 6.9 TB of space available. Did anyone have this issue before? As database I setup a MySQL instance over mariaDB, but I'm a newbie to databases so I don't know if there could be a problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated! best regards
  3. I managed to fix it by adding these two attached lines into the site config of swag under appdata/swag/nginx/site-configs/default
  4. Yes I did try using that file. I tried both renaming it as nextcloud.<insert my domain name>.conf and just nextcloud.subdomain.conf. Of course I also edited the content according to tutorials I found online. But I still only get to the swag config site that tells me I should set it up properly. I'll attach the config file of swag. I did not yet edit the nextcloud config, but from what I understand that should only matter for logging in, I should still get further than swag if it is properly setup.
  5. Hello smart people, I have unraid running on a server here. My plan is to have my instance of nextcloud accessible over http/https. I have already setup a dyndns service, the necessary portforwarding and swag as a proxy to the point that I reach the swag startup page when I try to connect over my domain. Now I struggle to forward that connection to my nextcloud instance... I tried following a few tutorials and I always think I edit all the necessary configs the right way, but I never managed to connect to nextcloud. Sometimes I wouldn't be able to access nextcloud at al
  6. yeah I'm going to try again in a few hours. Let's see then
  7. Hello smart people, I want to access my Nextcloud instance, installed on my unraid server over the Internet. For that I set up a dyndns connection over duckdns. I managed to set it up to the point that I reached the swag page at one point, but it seems like it doesn't work anymore... The documentation I find online is more confusing than helpful to me. I hope someone here may be able to help me. some more info: I set up port forwarding on my router so that requests to the http and https ports get farworded to the ports of swag (8088 , 442) (there are some weird things
  8. Ok thank you for taking the time tho! Very much appreciated
  9. it seemed to work without any problems. I didn't have to retype the password. I'm now connected with the Unraid server. (attached putty window)
  10. If I navigate to the files through windows it shows me Tower/nobody as owner of the files. SSH is enabled, but I'm not sure I am using it to be honest. How would I go about checking that? Thanks for the help!!
  11. I currently have a problem with my new Unraid server. When I try to move / delete things on my share through my windows computer signed in as admin with read/write access to the share, it says I need permissions of user \nobody to do that. I understand that that is the default user of unraid. The data I am talking about was transferred on the server through Krusaders synchronization tool from my old NAS over the network. From what I read so far that could have been the issue. Solutions I found so far did not work tho. I also can't delete the files through the Krusader GUI.
  12. Hey big-brains, I currently have a synology NAS. As I am running out of storage on that, I thought ab building myself a NAS (planning to use unraid). My only question is, can I take the drives out of my NAS and plug them into the Unraid server and initialize new storage pools with them? It would keep me from a lot of hasstle if I could do that and not have to copy everything over the network.... I did not use any RAID configurations. I just pooled some of them together on the Synology NAS as a JBOD. I've read that linux is generally able to handle synology's formatting and as unra
  13. I have 4 in the moment (3 monitors 1 tv) and I want to buy a vr headset, when I got enough money so 5 in theory