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    AMD FX -8350 Eight-Core Processor
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    Gigabyte 970A-UD3P
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    2X8GB DDR3
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4GB Strix 4k
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  1. Ah, I couldn't find anything saying it wouldn't work. Thanks
  2. Windows hello is not recognizing my webcam but the windows 10 camera app does, I cant figure out why, I have a Logitech c920.
  3. is it possible to stream games from pc to xbox one?
  4. Ah, ok, I figured i would just ask, thanks.
  5. I keep hearing that there is an ROG windows 10, is that true? If so its better than normal, right? If so where can I get it? Not pirated or a virus. Thanks
  6. Do you guys know of any good cases under $70 with a dual pin power button? I need an atx one that will fit a 190mm high cpu cooler, I also need one that has really good airflow. Thanks!
  7. how do i make a usb female to bluetooth adapter? like to transmit keyboard input? or mouse input.
  8. Like I wanna put a F.R.I.D.A.Y AI program onto a pc and run it.....but the program is for raspberry pi
  9. not sure if this is the right thread but i need help....is it possible to mount raspberry pi programs onto a PC hard drive? because i have lots of PC parts and i am only 15 and where i live i cant get a job to buy a raspberry pi. Thanks!!!!!
  10. Well....I just got a new pc.....went from a 4 cores to 8 cores...got entirely different ram and mobo......I plugged my drive in and tried to boot it....without wifi.....would it update cpu and internet card drivers without internet and when windows is already setup?
  11. Is there a program that will update ALL the drivers in a PC?
  12. Hi is there a ddr4 laptop to ddr3 desktop ram adapter? And is it a good idea to use? I dont have money to buy 16gb of ddr3 ram and i already have 16gb ddr4 laptop ram. Thanks