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  1. My vega 64 crashes sometimes as well. All i do is increase voltage and decrease clock speed by a tiny margin for lower states and it seems to solve the problem.
  2. i realise that my current ram is running on great speed, but i need more than 16gb for my vega 64 hbcc and im always recording videos to my ram instead of ssd threw radeon instant replay. i'm also going to upgrade my cpu, when 5600 (non x) or 5700x comes out.
  3. i don't need it to run 3600 cl16 at 1.35v, tho i found "review" that managed to run this, but 2x32gb kit to 3600mhz cl18 on 1.35v. i need at least 3200mhz cl16 and i'll be fine with this ram, since it's cheapest of 2x16gb ram here. it is 30 euros less than for a 2x16gb 3600mhz cl18 ram.
  4. Yeah, i realise that too, sadly there's probably no way of knowing i guess. I wonder if it's really bad tier die on this ram.. I understand that 3200mhz CL22 is not hard to run, but it should be possible to go at least 1.35v, right? and if the chip is not bad, maybe even more voltage to get 3200mhz cl16-18
  5. what's the point of shitposting then.. i need 2x16gb ram, not 4x8gb. if you have any clue how ram works, you would've figured it out already why i dont want to buy the same kit i already have
  6. ??? if you can't use more than 16gb of ram, doesn't mean that others can't. i need 32gb of ram, not your overpriced 2x8gb kit. as i said in other posts im already running a 2x8gb 3200mhz cl14 kit, where would it be an upgrade??
  7. im talking about my kit that it's 115 euros. it's 2x16gb, not 2x8gb like yours.
  8. i'm looking at 2x16gb ram for a reason.. this kit is 115 euros.
  9. Motherboard - b450 mortar (non max), cpu - ryzen 5 2600 (non x) currently my kit is running 3200mhz cl14 (2x8gb Hynix AFR) as far as i know speed > timings.. i'm not paying 200 euros more for 5% more performance. these ram are kinda new as far as i understand because of new hedec standard (3200mhz cl22), i kinda doubt if this kit couldn't do 1.35v for some reason.. I understand that latency is huge. My main point is that these ram run at CL22 while being only 1.2v. I'd like to have an idea if it would be possible to tighten those timings by increasing voltage
  10. Hello, i'm planning to replace my 2x8gb kit for TEAM GROUP T-Create Classic DDR4 32GB 2x16GB 3200MHz CL22 1.2V Link to website that shows specs of this ram - https://www.teamgroupinc.com/en/catalog/act.php?act=2&index_id=194 All i am wondering is if i would be able to overclock this ram, since it's CL22, but given that is a 1.2v i could just increase voltage and tighten the timings. Would that be... possible? As far as i understand this ram has no XMP, only new JEDEC 3200mhz cl22 standard. Any ideas? Thank you.
  11. What would be the recommendation for C7 replacement? i was looking at archer a9 ac1900. not sure what's good and what's bad in terms of wifi 5 capabilities and routers.
  12. Hello, my current router TP-Link WR841N started to randomly drop connections, so i've decided to upgrade it. People offer archer c7, but im considering buying a wifi 6 router for future. Currently i have no devices that support it, but my next phone upgrade will be supporting that technology. Now i'm using two devices that support 802.11n, and the rest of them support 802.11ac. Any opinions if it's worth to buy AX1500 over C7? Thanks.
  13. I'm using silent wings 3 high speed pwm. perfect fans.
  14. This is my daily set-up. (took this photo to know values, because reinstalled os to new ssd, sorry for crap quality:D)
  15. Just go by small intervals. It depends what you want from your GPU. Max performance = lots of heat and huge power consumption. For example mine doesn't exceed 200w, but provides awesome performance.