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  1. lmao, yeah if i cant find one, ill just use the MoBro thingy, but ill cross my fingers
  2. Can you make hwinfo look like this like aida64? Because this is what im trying to get. I would rather have the one with the custom graphic and cool look, but the standard one is okay too.
  3. I just installed a screen into my PC case for monitoring my temps and clocks and what not, just kinda for fun. I was planning on using AIDA64 because it has a customizable panel that I was going to customize and make it fit with the rest of the build, but then I found out it was $40 a year. I was thinking about using MoBro because I have a Raspberry Pi 4 that I barely ever use, but i would rather have something that is a part of windows, not something outside of it, as I want it to turn off when I turn off my PC. That is my main goal with this, so if you have any suggestions on either how to d
  4. well, it only happened once, i dont remember what i did to stop it, i think i just waited a second, but it hasnt done it since. im just curious what caused it now.
  5. I turned on my PC from a shutdown, and after I logged in I pressed the spacebar and it started rotating my screen. Why did this happen?
  6. do you know how to just disable it for one screen?
  7. Really? my friend uses a 240hz main and a 60hz secondary
  8. do you think it would really take up that much power for a third screen? Even with my 2080ti?
  9. (Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I'm not sure what would be.) Hello, I have a small 1024x800 (i think that's the res) display that I originally got for my raspberry pi. I never use it, so I wanted to install it into my PC case to display thermals and whatnot. Before I installed it, I tested it to make sure it didn't mess anything up, however, I found out it would significantly knock my FPS in games. For example, my average FPS in Rainbow Six: Siege went from about 190 to 160 at 1440p. I currently have two monitors in my setup, a 1440p 144hz and a 1080p 144hz. My PC s
  10. Okay, thanks! Thats really good to know. I'll prolly run into my fair share of issues with it if im able to get it.
  11. Yeah, i was just watching this video: and it seems like everything id want. And with an upgrade I can get later, I can print flexible filament!
  12. Im wanting to get a 3D printer for my birthday because it looks super to tinker and build things with, as well as learn how to use modeling software. I would love a 3D printer that is under $300 if at all possible because this would be a gift I would ask my mom to either get for me or pitch in some money to help me get. I want it to be able to print at least hard plastic and flexible filament. I would also prefer it to be a kit because I love that techie building aspect of things as well as good customer support if needed. Any recommendations? I've been looking at some Ender printers, but I do
  13. I did not know I could update if I pulled out my drive, that might be easier. Ill see which one will be easier, and go ahead with that. Thank you all so much!
  14. If im gonna update my BIOS, what type of backup should I do? one in windows or one in bootable?
  15. I just put a hard drive in my pc and I wanna pack up my PC to it so I can update the BIOS safer, but I don't know how. Once I update, im just gonna use it as more storage. Help?