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  1. I’m probably gonna just call the manufacturer at this point so I have it under warranty.
  2. So recently I noticed when playing World of Warcraft my FPS stays capped at 100 but my refresh rate goes to 70HZ and notice some tearing.. When I check my Display settings.. my refresh rate is at 144HZ. When I turn my monitor off/on OR change the refresh rate from 144HZ to 100HZ, back to 144HZ.. issue goes away. I do have 2 144HZ monitors hooked up and the issue is on the 3440x1440 (34GN850) but not my 32GK650F (2560x1440). Any idea what's going on here?
  3. So unfortunately rolling back the drivers impacted other games so I put it back to the latest driver. I spoke with some friends that play World of Warcraft and noticed similar issues. At this point what do you recommend for another test, use a different DP cable?
  4. Recently purchased both wireless routers to test connectivity strength and bandwidth around the house. My house is about 1700 square feet, 2 floors. We use wireless equally throughout the house and upstairs in the office for PC gaming. I noticed the AX5700 passed the test no issues and never lost connection. However I expected the AX11000 to hold up better but has been disconnecting in some rooms where the AX5700 holds up no problem. Could I have a defective AX11000 or perhaps a bottleneck with my modem? In both my tests I made no changes to the settings on the router a
  5. Thank you for the suggestion! Looks like I don't have the option to reroll.. I think the Nvidia GeForce Experience software I use to verify/update my drivers uninstalled the previous driver. I found my previous driver so going to uninstall the current and install the older driver to see if that helps.
  6. No difference when doing this.. tried last night to go in window mode and nothing changed unfortunately.
  7. I really don't know how to explain this but I've noticed recently when I'm playing World of Warcraft Classic and I'm alt tabbing or switching programs while in game to discord, firefox, etc.. sometimes and not all times my game client starts to get a little choppy looking if that makes sense? The frames aren't dropping, they remain the same but almost looks like it's a display similar to screen tearing. It's still playable but definitely noticeable to my sensitive eyes. I'm not saying for sure it's a driver issue but didn't have these issues until I updated my GPU drivers about a w
  8. Thanks for this, super helpful! So to put it simply is the Asgard a 'bit more power than the Magni+Modi and essentially would be 1 device, simplicity. That being said if I go with the Asgard + 6XX.. I'll be achieving a way more immersive experience than my current ASTRO Gaming A40 TR with MixAmp Pro TR setup? For example when playing Resident Evil 2.. I want to feel and hear the zombie on me LOL.
  9. Alright so sounds like the Schiit stack with the 6XX is the way to go for an optimal experience and should get me what I'm looking for in terms of an immersive experience right? For example when playing Resident Evil 2.. I want to feel and hear the zombie on me LOL.
  10. Thanks! I had good experience with Grados too but for music, quality headphones. For a mic I was leaning at purchasing the Blue Yeti or the Nano version.. how does it compare?
  11. I think I might try this setup. Based on the games and atmosphere I’m looking for. This type of setup would accomplish this right? Also I kind of wanted less equipment so would the Fulla 3 or Hel work the same way?
  12. I’ve been using the A40 with mixamp on my PC for a year or so now. Previously used on my PS4 and never really needed to upgrade it so it works well on my PC. That being said I only ever use the same preset with the Dolby surround setting and have enjoyed the quality. I’m going to be buying a USB mic so I feel like I need to upgrade my headphones with a new amp/dac setup. I’ve enjoyed how immersive the A40s with amp have been but having only tried one setting I feel like I’m missing out. I need something that will be immersive. I’ve done a lot of research on Sennheisers
  13. I did not think of this but will give a try! Thank you for this suggestion.
  14. I purchased the new LG 34GN850 and has been working great! However recently this monitor has been randomly turning off and showing a “No Signal” message...this has happened on 2 different occasions. After restarting the PC the screen shows the boot up normal and I can see the desktop but after a minute or so it goes back to shutting off with a “No Signal” message. This kept happening so I shut the PC down, unplugged the monitor power, the DP from the monitor and GPU, plugged everything back in firmly. Booted back up and gamed for a few hours with no problems. Th
  15. That’s a good point! Just curious, what case do you use? I have a Meshify C so plenty of air flow but can’t put side fans on it. I have 2 Noctua 140 fans on front, 2 Noctua 140 on top and a Noctua 120 on back for exhaust. I also have a Noctua NH-D15 CPU Cooler with the 2 140mm fans that come with it so it’s going to be all Noctua for me as well.