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  1. well i changed the powersupply and checked the cabel my os is on a sdd tho
  2. Hi i got my pc for 2 years now and when I take my hands of my desk my PC turns off or moving my chair I Have changed the psu and it's still happening Amd 5 3600x rtx 2060 16 gb g skrill 3000mhz trident z ram something corsair shit 600watt psu
  3. there is a toturial on youtube search it up its called how to use corsair k55 on ps4 i had the same problem and the youtube toturial fixed it
  4. no i doesn't and yes i have checked my settings no cap
  5. Today I was going to get my pc running and then I go straight to bios and I have checked the sata cables and restored my bios to default. I don't get it PS I have my PC was running fine the same day and Its a weird problem i have changed boot device don't tell me to do that I have tried to troubleshoot the basics. What should I do? Specs Amd ryzen 5 2600x Gigabyte Aorus b450 elite G skill rgb 3000 mhz Rog Strix Gtx 1070 550vs corsair power supply 80+ bronze
  6. Well i how did Bend the pins cpu? How because the rig was working for a few days and i was not touching cpu at all
  7. So yeah first things first my power supply made buzzing sound. So i replaced it and well the motherboard is ligthing up, but the issue is that when i press the power buttton i wont boot i have tried shorting the pins i took out ram. can it be the power supply who fried my motherboard? My specs> Amd ryzen 2600x B-450 Gigabyte Aorus elite 16gb G.skill ram 2600mhz gtx 960 4gb 1tb bacurrda 7200rpm Hdd
  8. I found out the problem the psu was fried Because my mom triped over the cabel when i was connected kan wrong??
  9. Just changed case My specs Intel xeon 1220 v2 12 gb ram Gtx 960 4gb 1tb hdd
  10. So i decided to change case and ram it on some problems Problem #1 the power button on the case is not working i have the f panel connector conneted Problem #2 The pc is booting up by its own for some reason when it's connect to the power this related with problem #1 Problem #3 The gpu is working but the Issue is that it does not send any output to the monitor And please DON NOT TELL ME TO CHECK THE CABELS!!!! I have done that 1 million times Pls help