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  1. Ok, ty! I probably won't boot though until it is confirmed safe, should i buy a new motherboard?
  2. If this here is chipped is it safe to boot my pc, I was trying to do something and accidentally chipped this L1R0 chip with a screwdriver Also please don't get annoyed about the dust where I live gets really dusty.
  3. Seems to be a bug, Disabled iGPU and still does the same thing, I Reinstalled the game and same thing happens the only thing i have changed lately is updating the BIOS this morning
  4. Its pinning the 5600, in task manager it shows the iGPU at 0-2% And GPU has no more hdmi ports
  5. I launched rocket league and bluestacks and they were fine, must be an issue with just MC
  6. Enabled multi monitor iGPU.. and what the... Go to launch a simple game such as minecraft and it pins my GPU at 100% I cant figure out why and also I only get like 7FPS if that... ANY way to fix this would be very appreciated. System specs: Gigabyte B450 Aorus M Ryzen 5 3400G RX 5600 XT Single channel 8GB ram (I know, but the other stick died and im too lazy to buy a new one yet lol)
  7. Looks good, I will most likely buy it, although i still am confused about why the option isnt there, Not to be annoying but shouldnt it be there...
  8. Yeah i could get an adapter, but im looking for other options as they are around $60 and I am a bit stingy haha, my specs are CPU Ryzen 5 3400G Motherboard Gigabyte B450 Aorus M RAM 16 GB, now 8 because one stick died GPU RX 5600 XT Storage 256GB Western Digital SN520, 1TB Seagate ST1000DM010, Intel 540s 240GB SATA SSD I just copy/pasted that from my profile so some of it is probably not needed, but there you go : )
  9. I believe most fans are similar, im a newb tho. Any fan should do just look for one with decent RPM a good bearing and low noise level. Thats basically all i have been doing lmao and all the fans i have used have been perfect.
  10. If this is the wrong section please tell me, For a few days I have been trying to use my onboard graphics to power a small 5" LCD to show temps etc, My GPU only has 1 HDMI Port so I cannot use it with the LCD as the HDMI port is in use, So... I have figured that there is in internal graphics option in my BIOS to use my iGPU , and I cannot find it where multiple websites have it shown and even my motherboard manual has it but the BIOS doesn't, Does anyone know where I can find it / how to get it!!! All help is appreciated :D.
  11. Recently, i tried to update my bios and windows kept going into startup repair, and then i decided i would reflash using my bios backup, and then my monitor would have 'no signal' so then i tried accessing my back-up bios,It didnt seem to work but then i mashed del and it brang up my BIOS so I exited, and windows booted saying I was on F41, which is what i was on before, and it still had my custom boot logo, so i cant tell if its the backup BIOS or not... (My MoBo is a Gigabyte B450 Aorus M) All help is appreciated : D
  12. No need for me to RMA now... Fixed the ram by cleaning it with compressed air and windows memory diagnostic shows no errors etc... Was probably dust or an small insect in it.
  13. Roses are red

    the sky is blue,

    So is your monitor, Your PC ran into a problem. We're just collecting some error info, and then we'll restart for you :(




  14. Recently one of my ram sticks in my PC died (had a spaz attack) and now i'm left with one stick, running an APU !, I don't know what to do, should i try to buy a single stick to match? or should I save for a new 2x8gb kit ?, I have heard that buying 2 single sticks of ram separately can cause compatibility issues if they are not the same model... Also, I have a 5600XT coming in the mail so should I just buy ram later seeing as it wont need to be dedicated to the APU?
  15. Hello fellow user I was wondering if anybody knew how to fix this issue huge thanks if you can, I have been trying to get roblox vr working on my assy laptop (i7 5500U GeForce 940m) roblox because it’s the least strenuous game I can think of, I cannot use oculus link because I keep getting “error please restart your pc” or something like that and it’s driving me nuts , would anyone know a workaround or some way to get it working? I have enabled unknown sources and also in devices tab keeps saying general error on my oculus quest for some reason and doesn’t tell me
  16. Hello reader im here to ask you... Is 60-75C ok for a ryzen 5 3400g whilst playing minecraft at preset settings? i have been tweaking fan setting for a while as it would get over 80c but this is my first pc build and i want it to last at least a few years, feedback on this would be a great help , if you need any more info to help me ill happily give it to you such as temps,fan settings etc etc thanks alot ??
  17. Hello reader, my integrated graphics tab for my ryzen 5 3400g apu is not showing in my gigabyte b450 aorus m bios and I can’t figure out why because I want to dedicate more memory to my graphics please any help would be good