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  1. I have already done loads of troubleshooting on my own through previous forum posts, windows tech support, and YouTube. Reinstalling windows seems like the best option. If you think you may have any other ideas I’m happy to outline the problems I’ve been having.
  2. So because of blue screen issues, I’m in the process of reinstalling windows and have decided to back up my 2 drives. While the option I am using to reinstall windows shouldn’t delete any data, I bought a 2tb external hard drive just to be safe. I was planning on backing up my 1tb hdd and 128gb ssd. As I think about it though, I have a couple questions: 1. If l’m reinstalling windows (and windows is on my ssd) do I even need to have my hard drive in when reinstalling? 2. If that’s true, do I need to do anything special before I takeout the hdd? Thanks so much fo
  3. Just making a post to here so people see this topic again, still unsure of what to do...
  4. Yeah that is not possible. So would you recommend exporting the files in some way to be safe?
  5. So I’m trying to reinstall windows. Using a windows boot USB, there is an option to keep files, settings, and apps (as shown in the video). I didn’t plan to export my data to another drive. Does that make sense?
  6. So I have been having lots of blue screens in the past day, and I think a fresh install of window is the best option. I’m going to follow this video to make sure my files and everything is saved. Now I’m worried that if my pc blue screens during the update, something bad could happen. Is that even possible if I’m in safe mode? And is this method the best way?
  7. When you say restart, is it blue screening? Or just turning on and off with no error?
  8. iCUE appears to have recently added support for ASUS products on their end, and I had been using it the other way around. I'll your suggestion.
  9. So would there be a way to let them download stuff they in a separate place without being admin? No drivers just like files and software.
  10. Sounds like CCleaner may be the best option then! Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. So for awhile now I've my ram has been Corsair Vengance RGB Pro, and I use iCUE's compatibly with ASUS Aura Sync (as I have a ASUS motherboard) to control it. The thing is pretty much every time I open iCUE and Aura when I turn on my PC, the ram gives me a little error triangle in software with no explanation. When this happens, neither iCUE or Aura Sync can address it, and the only solution I've found is a force update of the ram's firmware. This fixes it until I turn off my PC, and then it happens again. Now I have also discovered that when I got Rainbow Six Siege about a month a
  12. So I want to let my parents be able to use my pc when I go off to college, as I'm not taking it and it seems like a waste to just have it sit around. It seems pretty easy to setup multiple users, but I'm a bit confused on the admin permissions and how to keep thing separate between accounts. Also, will drivers have to be updated through the admin user?
  13. So I recently started to run out of space on both my C and D drives, and in the process of deleting unused programs, I noticed a lot of files that seemed like junk (temp files, program installers, etc.) taking up a good amount of space. I was wondering what your best tips to deal with junk in on your pc, or any free software you would recommend. I can't find any good ones as they all seem to have mixed reviews especially in terms of background usage.