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  1. Give me some to look forward too why don't yah lol. Amazing man, hope to keep seeing more pics on it!!!!
  2. OMG that Mozart xt case brought me so many memories I can't believe i'm seeing it again. Jesus I want that case again now for no reason, lol Awesome project.
  3. Quick updated, I managed to pick up they keygen rack mount. "Txs @CCPSSteve for reminding me lol" We moved, so I did a little restructure on the rack. Can't wait to add more to it.
  4. Just in case: Case : Rackmount 4U Chassis Processors: Intel Xeon W-2175 14-Core 2.5GHz (4.3GHz TurboBoost) Motherboard: SuperMicro X11SRA Memory: 64GB DDR4 2666MHz ECC REGISTERED (2x32GB) System Cooling: ORIGIN FROSTBYTE 360 Sealed Liquid Cooling System Case Fans: Corsair RGB Premium Fans Graphics Cards: NVIDIA 2GB GeForce GT 1030 Operating System: No OS (Installation not supported by Origin PC) Hard Drive Cage: 5 Bay Hot-Swap Cage System Drive: 250GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus PCIe NVMe M.2 RAID : No RAID Hard Drive: 2TB Samsung 860 QVO Series Power
  5. Also as to the GPU thing, that something i wasn't aware that by default ESXI wouldn't allocate the gpu that's sitting in the machine right now. I currently have a cheap gpu, since I was trying to make sure I allocated the flow towards my cpu and ram. For the gpu i went with something cheap - Graphics Cards: NVIDIA 2GB GeForce GT 1030
  6. It was legit enough to register, and update just fine lol.
  7. NVM i'm wrong this thing is bugging out sending me notifications.
  8. Why are you asking me the same question on 2 differnt threads lol lets just stay where we were pls?
  9. I get that it would work, but I already purchased the license. So i'm not really about to go shoot for another atm if mines is holding me down pretty good so far. I will look towards purchasing one soon, as you said they are cheap. I pick them them up from urcdkey. Note: atm they don't have for 2019. As to running a vpn server, i was going too. But a few mins ago I learned, I don't have to bother server for that as my ubnt gateway is able to run it for me with the built in Radius server and all. I'll take a look at wireguard, always want to
  10. 2012 was compatible with other servers services such as plex, and a few more for what i read. The key was cheaper. As to the vpn i'm currently running a project with a few buds, and i'm building an attack lab for us to learn with.
  11. You rule!!, let me look up vmware horizon. Check to see if I can also get an approved esxi compatible gpu to drop in it. Currently running just one gpu, that being shared among's all the machine running atm. I just got the R2 up last night, i'm trying to learn now setting up a vpn on it. Ty so much for the nudge, on the troubleshooting direction. Most appreciated.
  12. For the vid, i can try gonna take some time to get one recorded but i'll do what I can. Ping response was really good. The vm is running on a 6.7 esxi host, and the vm it self is win10. Teminal base remoting doesn't seem slow at all. Most of the lag I witness was using application such as Adobe illustrator or others in the same suite. One of my goals is to use the vm for video editing as well, but that was a really check when I attempted to scrub live. BTW! Thank you for responding!
  13. The NICS are 1gb each on the back of the server, and i was lucky enough to get the extra vm switch to work and get iscsi to work.
  14. Hi, I've been a huge fan of the show, specially when it comes to servers and vm's. Currently i'm running a dedicated server for esxi 6.7, specs are on my build log: Looking back, now i'm worried I started that on the wrong thread considering how that's going. Well the problem i'm having, one of the vm's running win 10, updated vm tools, and wtih a setup for 2cpu at 4v-cores each. I'm trying to use this vm, so that me and wifey can use 1 vm for our business which i hope to save $$ buy just buying 1 license for applications that we may need