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  1. Informative
    Jet_ski reacted to comander in Looking for a DL startup to join   
    1. make a list of VC firms
    Khosla Ventures Sequoia Capital Accel New Enterprise Associates Kleiner Perkins Bessemer Venture Intel Capital 2. Next see if you can find a "hiring" page of some sort. 
    3. Try to find people on linkedin, your school's alumni board, etc. that work at the startup companies that you found. 
    With that said, a lot of the VC funded startups are VERY selective and as you've noticed... don't really pay. 
    It's not necessarily harder to get into say Google or Amazon in a $200-500k per year role vs getting into some of the more selective startups that'll pay like... 60-120k and give 0.5% equity (that you probably won't be able to cash out and/or will be diluted to like 0.05% of the company by the time the company IPOs)
    The other option - bootstrap and make your own startup. You get a lot of equity this way. 
  2. Agree
    Jet_ski reacted to exetras in Everyone’s a winner in the PC market but Dell   
    From a business perspective.
    If I'm shopping for an Enterprise laptop right now, I'm looking for AMD CPU's. Better thermals and Performance for the price, I'm missing some the of the Intel Features, but its worth it.
    Dell has a very limited selection of business grade laptops that have AMD chips inside them. But I can get Thinkpad X, T or E model Lenovo's or HP Probooks with Ryzen CPU's no problem. (Supply issue aside)
    On the Server side, Dell has a decent selection of servers that support EPYC.
    Why should I pay $1600+ for an XPS13 when I can get a better X1 for $1400, starting model(No Feature parity)
  3. Funny
    Jet_ski reacted to RorzNZ in Discord the next Tumblr   
    To be fair if you want to watch porn, why are you searching on discord?
  4. Agree
    Jet_ski reacted to Ashley MLP Fangirl in NHS Covid-19 app update blocked for breaking Apple and Google's rules   
    you realize a huge part of Apple's appeal is their respect for the privacy of their users? it would be a huge blow if they simply allow government apps to track location data.
  5. Funny
    Jet_ski reacted to Master Disaster in Everyone’s a winner in the PC market but Dell   
    Sorry in advanced but I gotta do it...

  6. Funny
    Jet_ski reacted to Camoxide in Everyone’s a winner in the PC market but Dell   
    Would you be interested in falling market share warranty?
  7. Funny
    Jet_ski reacted to Letgomyleghoe in Microsoft is submerging servers in boiling liquid   
    is this their "fix" to the azure outages, lel.
  8. Like
    Jet_ski reacted to igormp in How much have you spent on cloud compute? [GPU accelerate]   
    Around ~4k usd in the past 6 months, solely on Azure with a deep learning project.
  9. Informative
    Jet_ski got a reaction from Taf the Ghost in Scraped data of 500 million LinkedIn users on sale   
    Someone has managed to scrap 500 million LinkedIn users’ data and they’ve put it up for sale on a hacker forum. The information includes physical addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc.
    LinkedIn comments to Gizmodo “While we’re still investigating this issue, the posted dataset appears to include publicly viewable information that was scraped from LinkedIn combined with data aggregated from other websites or companies,”
    My thoughts
    LinkedIn wants to brush this off but this raises serious questions about their platform’s security if they don’t even have basic measures against data scrappers. Maybe hackers realized they don’t need to hack their database when they can just download all of it!
    If someone scrapped 500 million users’ worth of data, it’s possible that they used fake LinkedIn accounts to connect with people to see their complete profile! Which would make this more serious than basic scrapping.
  10. Agree
    Jet_ski reacted to Bombastinator in Apple engineer likened App Store security to ‘butter knife in gunfight’   
    Or there wasn’t in 2017 anyway before the dude made that report. That was also four years ago. They would have to have a more up to date rebuttal for it to not be considered though.  I’m not sure the plaintiff would even use this one.  It would be trivially easy for Apple to provide more recent counter evidence and make the plaintiff look like an ass.  Might be why it’s on Twitter ranger than a legal brief.
  11. Funny
    Jet_ski reacted to huilun02 in Idina Menzel will clean up space junk??   
    "Guys stop putting more junk into orbit. Ima launch my own thing to reduce space junk"
    *Ends up creating more space junk*
  12. Like
    Jet_ski reacted to SomebodyOnceToldMe in How much have you spent on cloud compute? [GPU accelerate]   
    I just rent a VM on azure or AWS for deep learning, way simpler and easy to use and you only pay for what you use. I used the free credits they give to new customers (Still have like 30USD left)
  13. Funny
    Jet_ski got a reaction from gabrielcarvfer in Microsoft providing electronics upgrade to US military helmets.   
    It's great news for anyone who doesn't want warfare to become too technologically advanced. It's Microsoft, they can't get Skype or Teams to function properly. If anything Microsoft will hold back the trend by making these glitchy VR headsets.
    Yes I've seen their glossy CGI demos. The fact is if Hololense was good enough for consumers to not flip out, Microsoft would be selling it to gamers and creators.
  14. Informative
    Jet_ski reacted to leadeater in M1 upgradable!   
    I don't see the point though, we already know it would work. 
    And now that I've bothered to look, Samsung has 12GB modules so an M1 with 24GB is possible.
  15. Funny
    Jet_ski reacted to Arika S in M1 upgradable!   
    what about a fluxed capacitor?

  16. Agree
    Jet_ski reacted to leadeater in M1 upgradable!   
    True, just seems entirely pointless, so might as well YOLO and do something you can't do for actually cheaper directly from Apple.
  17. Funny
    Jet_ski reacted to Arika S in M1 upgradable!   
    Do you work for LTT with that click-bait bullshit title?
  18. Agree
    Jet_ski reacted to imreloadin in M1 upgradable!   
    If it requires physically swapping the individual flash chips then it's not really "upgradeable".
  19. Funny
  20. Like
    Jet_ski reacted to justpoet in Most chip companies show signs of active compromise   
    In a recent study "Semiconductors, the Supply Chain, and Cyber Security 2021" done by BlueVoyant, the majority of chip companies in the world show signs of already being hacked, thanks to monitoring malicious traffic coming out of them.  There goes the neighborhood.

    My thoughts
    This is what happens when "we're too big, they won't go after us" and "the intern set it up 5 years ago" and "not my job" and "security isn't profitable" happen.  Take a lesson from this if you've got a company or an IT department asking for security funding and support that, or make sure companies you're associated with have a good and security minded IT consultant company that does active patches, backups, mitigations, etc.  
    I have hope that this sounds worse than it is, since I know at least a couple of these companies are of a size where they may run internal honey pots.  But any way you look at it, this is pretty damning, and looks really bad for trusting the security of hardware for the next couple generations, or at least expecting massive IP stealing and copying.  If you think your favorite company isn't included...it probably is.  The industry is small, even if the players are large.
  21. Agree
    Jet_ski reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in Photoshop Elements 2019 is actually 32bit?   
    I disagree.
    If you buy software, you should have a licence to use it anywhere.
  22. Agree
    Jet_ski reacted to Sauron in Apple removing Rosetta 2 x86 emulation!?   
    Or it could make ARM Macs completely unusable for professionals for years. Eventually I'm sure they'll take it out but now is far too early.
  23. Agree
    Jet_ski reacted to Master Disaster in Apple removing Rosetta 2 x86 emulation!?   
    These rumours stem from the tweet...
    ...and probably mean nothing. Just because the string exists doesn't mean its going to actually be used. They might have just added it because they know Rosetta will be getting killed eventually.
  24. Funny
    Jet_ski reacted to justpoet in Facebook Suffers Huge Leakage   
    FaceBook is a joke.  The only reason we're hearing about this is because FB didn't get paid to hand all that info out like they usually do.
  25. Funny
    Jet_ski reacted to Radium_Angel in Microsoft providing electronics upgrade to US military helmets.   
    Gives a whole new meaning to "Blue Screen of Death"