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  1. Hi guys. Need a little help in choosing my next gaming headset. im using a hyperX cloud flight. pretty worn out, used for 4 years Im choosing from these: logitech g pro wireless EPOS GSP 670 Corsair virtuoso xt SS arctis pro wireless any experience? Do you recommend others? thanks in advance!
  2. i think i did it. still no errors on prime95/memtest. but i put all my settings back one by one. but once i put on xmp profile (as by manufacturer) to 4000mhz, regardless of my Fabric, the WHEA errors pop out. so i change the multiplier to 36 (3600) then run the fabric at 1800 for 1:1, error disappeared. i put the OC again, and still no error. i hope this is it. thanks !
  3. i thought the problem sovled itself, but after gaming for 2 hours (APEX/PUBG), then did some R23, i watched some youtube vids, then about 30 min in, it restarted again. no BSOD. so right now, i ran everything at stock. (load optimized defaults via BIOS). i checked the events logger, no WHEA-Logger error or notif since the restart. does that point to the XMP profile and/or OC?
  4. im using a 750w silverstone. think that might be it? should i go higher ? is there any benefit to run my 4000mhz kit to 3600? i really dont have any idea my OC with my 5900x is very modest. and technically it is for undervolting so im pretty sure its not the oc? i did it for lower temps. which is the case right now...
  5. i already did it the windows reinstall. then did it while at stock.. im thinking maybe the 4000mhz ram and 2000mhz infi is the culprit. but cant know for sure. memtest perhaps?
  6. i'm really out of my depth here My pc is having random restarts from time to time. well, daily. no BSOD, just straight up restart. when i check the events logger this is the one i got: WHEA-Logger A corrected hardware error has occurred. Reported by component: Processor Core Error Source: Unknown Error Source Error Type: Bus/Interconnect Error Processor APIC ID: 0 The details view of this entry contains further information. and this A fatal hardware error has occurred. Reported by component: Processor Core Error Source
  7. Thanks.. will do this and make a better update tomorrow
  8. Memory 1:1 means divide by half right? If 4000mhz, then IF at 2000? Or 3800 then1900?
  9. Xmp profile Re cooling, thats why i switched to the capellix 360 Room temps i think at most 25c since it raining here..
  10. Would really help if anyone can share or guide me on how they did it or what exactly to do. Dont know shit on this amd platform. Sorry
  11. Yeah i've read that. But what are the accepted ones. Im pretty sure mine are quite high. Not sure if its due that im here in ph... plus, the fans always ramps up when i set it to balanced/pwm.. if i put it to quiet, it gets more unstable...
  12. Im really not sure.. will try it tomorrow.. but i guess mostly but i do remember i had a blackout like twice,
  13. I got twice bsod, but mostly, blackout and restart. Sometimes will freeze or crash, but not windows. I think i have to set IF to 2000mhz. Will def check that. Im on duty right now. Most of the help i'll get here, i will be able to implement tom. Any more tips? Im really worried bout my idle temps. Are they really that high?
  14. I just switched to an AMD system: 5900x Aorus x570 master G.skill Trident 32g (2 2x8) 4000mhz kit Asus 3070 dual 8g SS 750w psu H150i capellix 011 dyanic case With 9 unifan. Setup of fans /aio Aio top push/pull exhaust Bottom/side intake Problem: Unstable Im really new to amd, literallyy 1st tjme My idle temps at 49-60 Load at highest 93 I fiddled with PBO CO, set to neg at 20 offset but unstable. Also used amd master, used creator, then auto OC, would be stable for a few