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  1. I could check to see because that header might not support rgb.
  2. I only have one cord and it’s a four pin I believe
  3. Could it be the header on the board doesn’t work?
  4. Yea I plugged it into the aio cooler plug on my board but it’s not turning on.
  5. When first booting up your system for the first time should the led screen turn on or do you have to enable it through the software.
  6. It would be mainly for gaming and other work. Gaming would be most likely between 1440p and 4k
  7. Would this pc be overkill for my 2 monitor setup?
  8. Hi does it matter what efficiency rating i go with?

    1. Gegger


      I mean it’s better if you have a higher efficiency rating, but personally I would go with an 80+ bronze or higher


      not some shady diablotek psu

  9. these are the parts
  10. My pc i am building says it will need 433 watts at max and i was wondering what power supply i should get?