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    Do NOT use dashlane!!! Lastpass is much better.


  • CPU
    Core i7 860
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    Intel DH55TC
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    GTX 580
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    320 GB
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    Toshiba TV screen
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    Thermaltake Gravity i2
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    E-Element Z77
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    EagleTec MG001
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    Toshiba TV screen
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. I strongly discourage you from buying a gaming laptop as they usually have shorter lifespans then normal laptops. You should build a desktop at your dorm/apartment/wherever college students live these days to use for gaming and whatever else you use your computers for at home, and buy a normal laptop to use for portability (i reccomend the dell xps 13)
  2. Is the option supposed to be greyed out if the partitions are like this? It is right now.
  3. A long time ago, I thought I'd need another partition. I don't need it anymore, and I'm running out of space on my first partition, so I wanted to extend my main partition. However, when I opened disk management, even though I had 55 GB of unallocated space, the Extend volume option on my main partition was still greyed out. Anyone know how to fix this?
  4. Defiantly 3700x over 2700x, it will benefit from your 2080S much more. If you want to save some money, you might wanna take a B550 or a B450 motherboard over an X570.
  5. As most people said, depends on resolution and games and settings, but this seems like a very balanced system overall.
  6. I flushed the toilet before I even started doing my business
  7. Some really solid production quality for what is essentially a meme video.
  8. A lot of the replies make good points. Most gaming chairs are recreations of the chairs you see in expensive cars like Lambourginis and Ferraris. According to most manufacurers, they are also more "ergonomic" then so-called "normal" chairs. When you think about why gaming chairs are more expensive then "normal chairs", think about why Macbooks are more expensive then Dell laptops. It's because Apple uses big words and put a bunch of useless stuff to make people think that macbooks actually have a difference over other laptops. In the case of gaming chairs, they use a bunch of big words and so
  9. I do know that some versions of the Vega 56 had the problems where they'd randomly crash, but some didn't have this problems or just didn't experience them as much. Can you please post the link of the Vega 56 you're talking about?
  10. Can you please specify the dimensions of the GPU (length, width)?
  11. Would the cooler work despite being designed for 3 pins instead of 4?
  12. My intel stock cooler broke after I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it to change the CPU. I bought some thermaltake thingy to take its place. After getting it, I found out that it was supposed to be used with a 3 pin motherboard. My motherboard (intel dh55tc) had 4. After installing it, my PC didn't turn on. The CPU cooler and the power supply fans spun (i think the gpu fan spun too, im not too sure), and my hard drive clicked, but the motherboard didn't make the boot sound it usually makes, and there was no signal after several minutes. I suspect this might be a CPU issue, since I appl
  13. That did not help so I think I need to upgrade my RAM and my CPU. However, I have seen many others with a GTX580 getting stuck on the pc optimization loader. So I am looking if anyone has a fix. Thanks for your help though
  14. Do you happen to know when Nvidia pulled the plug on the GTX 580's Driver updates or if they never did? If they discontinued its drivers then that might be the issue.