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    Lii reacted to LAwLz in Signal Vs Anti-Censorship Community   
    I'd like to remind everyone that encryption techniques are often targeted by misinformation campaigns in order to try spread FUD and make people not use them.
    If Signal implements something that can circumvent censorship in countries like Iran, China, etc, then those countries will not just sit still and watch it happen. They will start spreading doubts about Signal online so that users stop using the tools that can circumvent censorship. 
    I am not saying this is for sure what is happening here, but don't blindly trust what who might have a hidden agenda is telling you to think. 
    From what I can tell (yes I am now going to do what I warned you about), this is what happened.
    1) Iran starts blocking all Signal traffic.
    2) Signal responds by releasing a way for people to set up a proxy, which means Signal users in Iran and other censored countries can send traffic to a community run proxy, and thus get around the censorship.
    3) A couple of Chinese developers raised concern about the way the proxy worked on GitHub. I can't see what the original said, but according to several people I have seen, including those not related to Signal, says the original poster was being rude and threatening. Not something I have a hard time believing after seeing some of his posts on Twitter. Also, he titled it "fuck-signal-tls-proxy".
    4) Signal informed the Chinese developer that they don't use Github for that type of discussion and linked the user to their community forum instead, and closed the issue on Github.
    5) People lost their shit, saying Signal are censoring people, that they are compromised, etc.
    6) BleepingComputer was contacted and they posted an article.
    7) Moxie reached out and explained the situation to BleepingComputer, which pulled the article down.
    8 ) People are now saying Moxie pressured BleepingComputer to remove the article, even though it seems to me like the article was removed because it is just a lot of "he said, she said" going around.
    Also, the "vulnerability" is not really a vulnerability if I understand it correctly.
    The "security issue" is that if you connect to a Signal proxy server, it is possible to tell that it is a Signal proxy by looking at the web server configuration. The logic by the Chinese developer was "if you can tell that a server is a Signal proxy, then it is possible for the Iran government to go:
    and thus the Iranian government can tell if someone uses Signal or not.
    Sounds like a big deal, but realistically, it's not really.
    1) You can already tell if someone uses Signal by looking at the traffic. You can't see what the messages contains but you can see "this person uses Signal" by looking at metadata. This has not changed. It was that way before, and it is that way with the proxy.
    2) It is impossible to cloak a proxy because even if Signal implemented something like uniquely generated nginx configs, you can still check if a particular server is a Signal proxy by just sending a Signal message to it and see if the message gets delivered.
    There is no way for someone to set up a Signal proxy that only works when there a connection from a legitimate users, and block a connection from someone who just uses it to see if a Signal message gets delivered through it.
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    Lii reacted to whm1974 in Hacker tried to contaminate water supply in Florida   
    How many people give a anything about Computer Security until they get hacked?
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    Lii got a reaction from soldier_ph in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    nobody goes at the restaurant because of the "food quality", everybody goes there for social reasons, conscious of it or not
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    Lii reacted to LogicalDrm in where to buy the nintendo 3ds original sdcard?   
    I can. But thread being marked answered isn't automatically why it would be closed.
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    Lii reacted to Rybo in how to easily fix broken cpu pins   
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    Lii reacted to minibois in where to buy the nintendo 3ds original sdcard?   
    It was (dark/navy) blue, but it wasn't branded Nintendo.
    It was a Toshiba 2GB card, modelnr. SD-M02G.
    Looking up that modelnr. on eBay, I see a bunch of listings for the card, ranging from 2 - 7 USD.
    Source: the navy blue SD card I got with my original 3DS (not bought at launch, but close after the price drop to 150 USD)
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    Lii reacted to Electronics Wizardy in Do I need a new pc to protect my crypto coins from getting hacked?   
    This sounds like a bad idea
    Really depends on your security threat and how much crypto your storing. Id argue its probably overkill for most.
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    Lii got a reaction from PlayStation 2 in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    Humanitaries studies are mainly needed for inductrination purposes
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    Lii reacted to trag1c in What are the worst site designs you've seen?   
    I wont list a specific site but I find industrial suppliers always have terrible web pages.
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    Lii reacted to Kisai in Linus should stop his $GME "Investment"   
    Insider trading is trading using known "inside" information. eg, an employee. Up until relatively recently politicians were permitted to trade on insider information because they were often on the committees that regulate those companies.
    So getting the politicians to crack down on securities fraud, requires them being unable to benefit from it in the first place.
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    Lii reacted to dizmo in STOOOOOP selling pictures!!!   
    I have the same view on "scalpers." People happy for government oversight really don't know the rabbit hole they're going down. They're essentially saying it's ok for the government to decide how you can and can't spend your money. 
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    Lii reacted to WereCatf in Boomer tech tips, nothing big and flashy.   
    There are two good rules when it comes to family:
    Don't provide tech-support for them. You'll end up regretting it. Don't do business with family. You'll end up regretting it.
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    Lii reacted to wkdpaul in Gamestop stock surges 400% this week alone   
    It's rather sad that they're getting bailed out and that they publicly say that WSB are 'hacking' ... and they're complaining to the SEC that this happened because of market manipulation ! It's as if they can't stand to play the game when they're on the losing side.
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    Lii reacted to Tristerin in Gamestop stock surges 400% this week alone   
    I love seeing average folks, rallying more average folks and play the big boy games fucking the whole program up.  
    This will show, I hope, even more people how fickle the stock market is, how manipulated it is, and how much insider trading can and does occur.  This last one is a stretch but let it all play out first.
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    Lii reacted to jaslion in TSMC to prioritise production of chips for cars, not your next graphics card   
    It's more about car companies went full legal and started complaining to the government about wanting chips and wanting priority after saying they don't need any.
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    Lii got a reaction from Letgomyleghoe in Escrow Services for P2P purchases   
    it depends on the goods
    also paypal isn't always that great (especially if you're the seller)
    anyway @ThatOneDunce
    there are different alternatives (also it depends of what and where are you buying), often markets and forums do offer their own escrow services
    alipay is the Chinese paypal clone
    also if I'm not wrong, perfect money does offer escrow services, but I'm not that sure
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    Lii reacted to Radium_Angel in high ping, and so what?   
    Correct, you'll never notice that minor a lag in daily stuff.
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    Lii got a reaction from Moonzy in I have a addiction and I need help.   
    either way if he is really concerned he should look for a psychiatrist
    not for suggestions of some random dude on the net
    also since he is underage, he shouldn't be that much concerned about the possibility of the psychiatrist whispering to the police
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    Lii got a reaction from trag1c in how do you write/read stuff outside the console with cpp/windows?   
    dropshipping is pretty repetitive
    usually it's waiting for an email, get the information, insert the information for the shippement and ship
    so I was looking for something that can manage to read stuff from a browser (like firefox) or any other application, and be able to do some user input (like move the cursor, click, insert some text)
    but I have no idea how to do it nor where to look for
    ps: I'm sorry but at the time my phone was missbehaving 😅
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    Lii got a reaction from soldier_ph in 'Your c**k is mine now' - Hacker hacks 'smart' chastity cage and demands $750 of BTC as ransom   
    they already exist
    edit: I think I've misunderstood I'm sorry 😅
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    Lii got a reaction from Slayerking92 in any damm printer that doesn't give problems?   
    as the title says, I've tried with cheap ones, with expensive ones (200 bucks) and every freaking one give problems with no apparent reason
    without even talking about how they waste ink by spraying it out for "cleaning" their heads, and limiting their damm ink support
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    Lii reacted to NeuesTestament in More US-China Tradewar Company Restrictions Including Xiaomi   
    This is a trade war and not just nonsense. This game has been going on for a long time and escalating the last couple of years.
    We should not forget that China is already and has always been severely limiting foreign companies in its country.
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    Lii reacted to sub68 in 'Your c**k is mine now' - Hacker hacks 'smart' chastity cage and demands $750 of BTC as ransom   
    (link trash taste highlight)
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    Lii reacted to Spotty in somebody does recall any song from this song?   
    Every American idol audition ever.
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    Lii reacted to StDragon in Scientists are testing Diamonds for use with Quantum Computers as they apparently can be stretched to possibly enable room temperature Quantum CPUs   
    Depending on the applications and the requirements to fulfill them, diamonds are cheap. It's nothing more than a group of carbon atoms arranged in a specific crystalline lattice (called the 'diamond lattice'). They can be synthetically made through compression or vapor deposition.
    When it comes to the consumer market, specifically jewelry, Diamonds are made up of the four 'C's: Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. Those four attributes, along with De Beers manipulating that market segment, is why those are expensive.