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  1. Thank you everyone for your advice, so from what i understood that it's way better to take everything apart and clean/replace the thermal compound i will do my best to do so, since the card does reach 82-86 C° few minutes after benchmarking Unfortunately i only found one store that sells thermal pads, but i have no idea what thickness to get, is 0.5 mm enough or should i buy 1cm or 1.5cm? (i heard once on LTT video that a thick thermal pads can prevent the cooler from resting properly on the GPU die and thanx again so much for your inputs
  2. Just bought a second-hand Gigabyte GTX 1080 Turbo OC for my system, the thing is, i want to clean it, but i am worried about completely disassembling the whole thing and reapplying thermal compound (which i'm not good at nor have access to thermal pads), i just wanna remove the cover and clean the dust from within, i looked everywhere but found no pics, videos nor articles about how to remove the cover. i hope i find an answer here! a pic for reference
  3. that's why I'm asking, so the gtx 1660 isn't even considered here? :))
  4. Hey guys, it's my first post on this form I just wanna know which to buy coz on paper gtx 1070 is better but in games bench mark its debatable and sometimes the 1660Ti wipes it out the budget is equivalent to 1000$, "we got Sh*t load of taxes here :(" and are Nvidia graphic cards work well with AMD processors, the plan is to buy R5 2600 "cheaper than the i5" the rtx 2060 has the same price as the 1070 both the 1660Ti and 2060 has 6gb ram, I dunno if that's enough for graphic designing or should I stick to the 8gb in the 1070? p.s. the 1070 is around 50$ m