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  1. Hi. I am having an issue with windows storage spaces or at least the way windows is displaying information. i have two 4tb hard drives in a pool which are mirrored. If I go into the storage spaces program it shows that my drives are full. It shows the total pool capacity as 7.26tb which I know is my two 4tb drives. Then underneath it shows each drive individually and here too it shows them both as full. However, if I go into This PC and look at the properties of the storage space there it shows it as having 3.63tb free of 7.26 which is clearly half of 7.26. So is windows treating the
  2. Hi. I have a question regarding Microsoft Windows Storage Spaces. If my mirrored array gets full and I want to add bigger drives but I don’t have any more connections for drives on my board, how do I go about it? Do I pull out one of the drives and put a new one in and then have it rebuild to the new disk. Or do I click the prepare for removal option and give it the new disk to use? But then if that’s the case how can I add the new disk to the pool with all that data on it as I thought windows formats the drive when you add it to a pool. Thanks.
  3. Thank you. I have noticed that during a cinebench run the voltage does drop right down to 1.35v. I wouldn't know where to start when it comes to undervolting.
  4. Jurrunio, which of these SV12 reading do i need to pay attention to?
  5. Thank you both for your replies. It;s good to know things are running as expected.
  6. Thank you for your reply. I've just run two Cinebence R20 all core runs (i already had r20 installed). Max temp first run 83 degrees and 2nd run 84 degrees. All cores at 100% and all cores stayed around the 3,966mhz according to HWinfo. So yes it does seem as though everything is working as expected. Perhaps in the future it would be worthwhile to upgrade my cpu cooler.
  7. Hi There, I have a Ryzen 2700X and i have noticed in HWinfo that a lot of my cores are dropping well below base clock of 3.7ghz. I am just using the supplied Wraith Prism cooler. I have enabled PBO in the bios so it is auto boosting to well over 4ghz regularly but also dropping way below base. My voltages seem very high too but i asked about that on this forum a while ago and was reassured that being over 1.4v is normal for this cpu. Temperature wise i have had it just above 70 degrees at load (photo processing in Adobe Lightroom) but it drops to the high 30s at idle. I was wo
  8. Ooooh. This sounds interesting. That would be cool if that’s right. Although I thought you need five drives for parity? I have about six spare drives and a spare data port so I could add one for parity if needed. I do a lot of photography and video work and just have a small setup to keep my data safe. It just seemed stupid having two pools made of two drives each so I thought merging into one made up of 4 drives would make more sense.
  9. I have two storage pools but want to cut that down to one by adding the disks from the second pool to the first. I’m assuming it will format the drives when I add them. I just wondered whether, if a 2tb drive died in the future, it would only rebuild that drive from the other 2tb drive and not affect the 4tb drives at all. I think you have answered my question above ‘it just rebuilds the data from where you need it. It’s clever enough to know what’s lost and what needs to be rebuilt.
  10. Question regarding windows storage spaces. I currently have two 4tb drives working together as a mirrored storage space and then two 2tb drives working together as a second mirrored storage space. I am thinking of combing the two so I have one storage space pool made up of 2 4tb drives and two 2tb drives (giving me a total of 6tb usable I hope) My question is this, if one of the 2tb drives fails will it only rebuild that drive from the other 2tb drive or will the entire storage space have to be rebuilt. I don’t see why it would need to touch the 4tb drives that, in this scenario,
  11. Thank you for your reply. That is good to know. I am only using the cooler that came with the cpu. But as you have said, because it is not at those high voltages and high temperatures all the time, it does not affect the cpu in a bad way. What about that very high EDC CPU reading in ryzen master? it's always red and at 99 or 100% with PBO on. IS that a problem?
  12. Hi. A few months ago i built a pc for myself. I put in an Asus X470-F Gaming motherboard and a Ryzen 2700x 3.70ghz. Absolutely loving it so far. However, i have had some teething problems and whilst i do currently have a stable system that works fine for what i do, it would be nice to investigate those issues in more detail. Once the system was running and i had a look at programs such cpuZ and of course ryzen master. I noticed it was boosting to well over 4ghz but in the process of doing this, the core voltage went up well over 1.4v and periodically past 1.5v. I researched th