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  1. Hi! I know that it's normal for this cards junction temperature to go up to 110 degrees, but under a full load, the average or "Current temperature" is right under just 80 degrees. Is that normal that the average temp is about 30 degrees cooler than the hottest point on the GPU die?
  2. Hi! If I have a 100 mbps internet connection, how much data should I be able to download from, for example, Steam? I'm getting around 10 - 12 MB/s download, when my friend says he's paying for the same 100 mbps speed, but his download speed in Steam is between 50 - 60 MB/s.
  3. @bruny06 OMG i'm such an idiot. I forgot that i had wallpaperengine running. I turned that off and it jumped back up to 1374. It's not as high as it once was but isn't that just natural degradation in that case?
  4. Hello. I have gone from 1455 score on the intel core i7 8700k all the way down to 899! The first time i run cinebench was when I first installed the cpu, which was about 9 months ago. Ever since then i have not run any more tests in cinebench but i figured i'd try it one more time now to see if my score was more or less the same. But to my surprise it had dropped from my previous best 1455 score all the way down to 899. One time even all the way down to 809! I'm not a complete expert on this topic, but that much of a drop doesn't seem normal. Or am I wrong? What could be the problem?
  5. Ok, if I then go with the RX 5700. That card uses PCIe 4.0. Can I use it in my motherboard which only supports up to PCIe 3.0? Would it limit the performance or FPS in games? And is it a big difference between the 5700 and 5700 xt? Is it worth getting the xt?
  6. Oh wow! I didn't know that... oh well. Thanks for the fast response
  7. Hello. I'm thinking of upgrading my Asus Geforce GTX 1060 6GB OC to mabye a rtx 2060 or a gtx 1660. I'm wondering if it worth getting a new and better gpu or just to get another 1060 to run in SLI?