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  1. Given the existing situation (working from home) I started using headphones more often than usual. I am using some cheap headphones from supermarket (5$-10$) and I decided to make an upgrade. I know nothing about headphones and I will continue to be an average user (music and online meetings), but I want to buy something more comfortable (and budget) so I don't have to take off my headphone so frequently. With a little research online I found akg k52 and audio technica ath-m20x. If I understood correctly, m20x have slightly better sound, but k52 looks more comfortable. What would
  2. So, I have new laptop and 10 years old monitor I would like to connect. I bought adapter shown in the picture and It's not working. I can see in settings that there are 2 displays (1 and 2), but when I click on "Detect" it say's "Didn't detect another display". I updated my drivers for Display adapter and Monitors. It even displays my old monitor in Device manager and when I change setting "Multiple displays" to "Show only on 1" on monitor it says that the signal is not detected . What else can i do? Thanks in advance. This is converter i got: