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  1. I will get them to run the tests, cheers guys.
  2. After running a TIMESPY benchmark the results show large and frequent drops in cpu frequency. After checking for similar setups online it's clear there is an issue. (This is not my setup this is for a friend) Info I have so far.. CPU: Ryzen 3400G MOBO: Asus-Prime A320mk GPU: 1050 ti RAM 8gb 2666mhz Bios has never been touched. Temps are ok (30c idle) (62c load) OS upto date. Can anyone give advice as to what could be causing the cpu frequency to drop? When I say drop I mean down to as little as 1.8 sometimes.
  3. This is playing a huge roll in my decision making and after many months of waiting and using my current rig ( really bad) I can't wait any longer.
  4. The wattage being suggested and recommended appears to be significantly lower than I anticipated. So should I really just aim for approximately 200watts higher than the total of my individual parts and ignore the efficiency maths? I feel I may have either read into psu purchasing too much or I'm falling for inaccurate information. Thank you for the advice.
  5. I like the features the Hero brings to the table also the overall performance benchmarks as per Kitguru including temps. The Hero appears to have the "can't go wrong" reputation which from a sub par experienced person makes me feel better. I originally had my sights on the 10900k but yeah overpriced and constant pre order. After researching countless benchmarks, and yes I'm one of those FPS snobs unfortunately, the 10700k seems like the way to go.
  6. Will this depend on the psu performance?
  7. Budget for psu £$250 Incase this makes a difference, I suspect it will. Monitor 240hz @ 1080p Aiming for 240fps where I can.
  8. Just a few days away from purchasing the rest of my build. I'm hoping to get the best efficiency from my psu but the mammoth amount of advice, figures and options has made this difficult. Mobo: Asus z490 Hero CPU: 10700k between 4.9 & 5.1 Kracken X73 aio 6 x 140mm case fans 1 x ssd 1 x 2080 super - (3000 series eventually) Case: Fractal Meshify s2 1 x USB mic (blue yeti x) 1 x headphones AKG712 pro For gaming only usage between 8 and 12 hours per day. What wattage and or psu to purchase? With a targeted best
  9. £1000 to purchase... Mobo CPU RAM PSU currently using a 1080p 240hz monitor and a crappy 1060 6gb gpu what do you do?
  10. I use an old sound card SB0880 and it blows my onboard audio out of this galaxy.
  11. It's hard to get hold a decent mic which uses the 3.5mm jack nowadays. I had this struggle, couldn't find anything decent in stock or they are EOL. In the end I took the plunge and purchased a "Blue Yeti X" which unfortunately is currently also out of stock but anyway... best decision I made! Everyone i talk to says I sound amazing. It took some time to get used to a desktop mic but I will never go back to crappy headset mics again.
  12. I would prefer the mic attached to the headphones. I should have put "headphones" in the op and not "headset" Would be willing to try any kind of mic if its within budget.
  13. I will try to keep this short but informative. Budget: $500 or £400 can push another 100 if needed. What i'm looking for.... Headset (close back) Mic Amp/DAC ? Chat Mix I do not care for virtual surround or any sort of surround sound. Used for desktop gaming & communicating. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.