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  1. Honnestly i dont see All i want IS good mobo strong with good oc capabitiles ram oc , feature rich And ready for gen 11 and PCI 4 Since in MSI they didnt mention it and gigabyte did i was asking if i should gather go for vision
  2. Thanks you i was asking m'y self if i should return it and grab a vision g from gigabyte
  3. Hey everybody i got a MSI Z490 MPG gaming edge wifi So i have just two small question 1-what do you think about it ? As a overall mobo + someone who dont push oc much just tiny bit 2-will it be PCI 4.0 ready ?? Since other mobo like gigabyte voisin G IS braggin that when 11th gen IS out it will be If its True IS m'y mobo ready
  4. @Naijin Thanks so much I was a bit scared that i throw my money off the window
  5. So guys i was suggested to go for a 5600x but then found out that in Algeria do not know why ryzen IS sold more $$$ So i did go for a 10600kf over my 8600k and since i hate Oc i found it a good upgrade Since if i go to ryzen 5600x with his mobo i get a +130$ diff with the mobo cPU change if i go Intel And since 11th gen support Z490 i plan by end of year go i7 what do you think ?
  6. @brob I found that in m'y "useless" country there's a 110$ between 5600x and i5-10600k And since the i5 got 12 threads And mobo IS 90$ cheaper I chose i5 i Hope i didnt do a mistake since All i do IS Fhd and maybe since 11th gen will adopt Z490 Can raise to i7
  7. @brob But i Heard its still 14nm but it power hungry Gaming in 1080p144hz with a 1080 Planning on winter to go for a 1440p144hz and a rtx 3070 And streaming programing editing And multi tasking
  8. Hey guys I have a 8600k paired with 1080 and 32 GB ram i want to have a Big upgrade for performance And overall faster work stream etc.. IS the 5600x thé best for next years at least 3 years or should i go 5800x IS worth it or just go for a Intel 10700kf
  9. Thanks everyone i understand better now
  10. @Eigenvektor @WereCatf Ah ok i see thanks for the answer When i thinked about it i tought everything IS getting smaller. That's why its seemed illogical for me Thanks very much
  11. Hey everyone How are doing today ? I want to Ask you please about cPU Gpu Want to get some knowledge I'm seeing that less nanomètres means more power better energy better perf But how IS that possible?? . Since 14nm IS less performant than a 10 and a 7 etc... Is'nt bigger = to more Space to put thing:s on ?? More Space to work on ?? Thanks everyone
  12. @Semper @RadiatingLight @lexusgamer05 thanks to all of you now my mind is set clear i'll keep the money and let it grow more and wait for a next gen upgrade like ryzen 6 thanks again
  13. its a 8600k not a 8086 no bro right now i'm feeling good with it but since i got some money in my pocket i want to know if i should spend them and be "futur" proof or just use them for something else then pc etc...
  14. Hello Everybody i'm happy to be with these community (and sorry in advence for my english since my home country english is not a main language ) anyways i have these rig i5-8600k \\ gtx 1080 \\ 32gb ram 3000mhz cl 16 i was telling myself to upgrade right now only one of these two cpu or gpu can't do both i'm aiming for a ryzen 5800x and a rtx 3080 ( or a 6800xt ) i do normal gaming in FHD144hz not that much of a hardcore i can accept to play at limit 55 fps i do some small programming even if i'm still a complete noob and browsing and network data center gestio
  15. maybe i'll oc the graphic card but i have a golden rule i know its childish but i never no matter what oc the cpu