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  1. Kinda worried cause I'm seeing other voltage lower than that. They say 4100mhz with 1.1v. I tried it but I cant post. Anyway thanks
  2. I'm running my Ryzen 3600 on 4100mhz with 1.28v on Noctua Cooler. Is it safe or should I lower my voltage?
  3. Does the box will include extra fan clip for the 2nd fan?
  4. Oh nice! Well that'll answer my question. Maybe to be sure I can swap the fan from right to left yea?
  5. Sorry my mistake, I haven't tried since I just ordered it. I just want to know if its doable?
  6. Anyone got their cooler with push & pull fans with B450M Mortar Max or just one fan only?
  7. Immarabbitu

    Need Help

    So I updated my mother's laptop to Windows 10 but after I run some windows update. It shows blank display but when I plugged it to the monitor its good but still no display on laptop screen.
  8. I bought this PSU recently. Sometimes I hear some rattling noise. It's annoying cause it's loud even it's not full load.
  9. I pre-ordered mine at $207. I'm from the Philippines some retailers also selling ViewSonic xg2405 but I like the design of this AOC.
  10. Yes nothing happens. One thing I've notice is the Realtek Audio Driver is missing.
  11. It's weird for me but it happened lately. Whenever I do a first boot in the morning or turn off my psu and unplug my ups through wall socket. But If I restart my pc issues gone. Seems my audio devices can't detect by Windows. By the way I'm using 2004 version of Windows. BTW I tried to reinstall my audio driver but it still occur. It's annoying. Even my Arctis mic is gone.
  12. I tried to find this one but no avail. They only have VS series which is I'm afraid because its white rated. Well maybe I should get it RN.
  13. Planning to upgrade to Seasonic Focus GM 650 Should I get it for around 90$. I got only 100$ budget for this.
  14. I don't know where really the problem is but sometimes whenever I first boot my PC my monitor doesn't show anything. I tried these steps on what I read but it's still occurs. Uninstall/ Install GPU drivers (I tried DDU) Unplug/ Plug the cord Change PCI E cord Sorry for the low quality pic.