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  1. I will buy a new laptop in december, but i dont know which one, i'm brazilian but i'm buying it in the US, what is the better bang for the buck laptop that can last al least 8h on battery? i willl use for school and work, i do some light editing and play CSGO sometimes. really appreciate your help love from Brazil.
  2. ohh... i see... so they aren't durable?
  3. sorry, i dont understand what is QC and QA
  4. but.... razer laptops like blade 15 are gaming laptops and rechargeable by USB-C
  5. both are too thick i think... and i really want a latop that is rechargeable by USB-C
  6. as thin as possible, no weight preference, i cacrry a bag and go to places driving, so, weight is not a problem, but thickness is
  7. i'm from BR, but i will buy at USA, i play mostly csgo, i like thin laptops and 5 - 7 hours of batery life
  8. the game that i play the most is csgo 4:3
  9. man, i really want some 5-6 hours of batery at least, dont know where to buy from... i'll need a place that delivers at US
  10. i'm thinking about razer blade 15... please help me
  11. i really want to buy a new laptop, i can afford to spend till $2.000 bucks, what are my options? i study, i write a lot of papers and i also game, please, give me options