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  1. Alright so, the problem is, is that, everytime someone starts an upload process on my mother's DSL Internet connection provided to us by Comwave, which is an ISP in Canada. During someone doing an upload on the DSL internet connection, the entire internet connection just completely cuts off for everyone/or becomes really really slow for everyone, and some loading problems start while loading websites like images for example, this happens on every single device until the upload process is stopped or completed. This becomes highly annoying to me when you know, someone in the house comes up to me
  2. At my mother's house, on her internet connection, around 400GB to 500GB, if everyone in the house is busy on the internet most of the day for the entire month.
  3. Online gaming hardly uses speed or data. Online gaming just focuses on the ping of your internet connection, the lower number ping, the better performance that you will experience for online gaming. you can find out what your ping is on your internet connection while doing a speedtest over at speedtest.net for example.
  4. Make sure that 1.0Gbps Full Duplex is selected as your Speed & Duplex option in your Gigabit Ethernet Card's Advanced settings. An example can be shown in the picture down below: