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  1. I was hoping to get a 3070, or a 6800. Will that be a waste? Also, It kinda seems like its been eons since I was running games on ultra settings getting 60fps+ thus my use of the word..
  2. Hello, Im kinda confused as to which next-gen GPU to pair with my Ryzen 7 2700x, I currently have a 1080P 144Hz monitor and am coming from a GTX 970. I know any current offering would be eons better than a 970, but Im looking for the one which would be optimal for my current setup. Don't want to bottleneck a new gpu so am confused.
  3. As of yesterday, I have not been able to like any pages on Facebook. Every time I try to like a page, I am met with a message attached with the post. Has anyone faced such an issue before? I have reported the problem to Facebook. I did like quite a few pages this month. Is there anyway there is a cap to how many pages I can like? I'm at 1291 right now, I unliked some of the pages to see if anything changes but to no avail whatsoever. Is there a monthly cap or something like to how many pages I can like? Please help,
  4. As it is "coming" won't it be better to wait for the next generation then? AMD has also claimed that their GPU's will also support hardware Ray Tracing. I guess waiting would be best at this point in time.
  5. I guess the 2070 Super seems like a good option at the moment with AMD's cards having driver issues.
  6. So I'm in the market for a new GPU, and am eyeing the $450-$500 range. At this range there are mainly 3 cards in the market, the 2070super, 5700XT and the 1080ti in the used market. Which of these cards would be best value for money?. I know the 1080Ti is quite old now but it still performs admirably and performs as good as a 2080, but will that still hold 2 years from now? or should I go for the more recent offerings just for future-proofing? I have a 2700X paired with 16GB Of Ram. Currently I'm using a GTX 970. Looking to play at 1440P, maybe sometimes crank it up to 4k just for the fun of i
  7. Sony's TV's do have certain features like pixelshifting and screen refresh. But can I get 10 years out of it this way. As I've said, I do not want to change TV's every 3-4 years, or at least don't plan to.
  8. Will pixelshifting eradicate the issue or just delay the inevitable?
  9. So I'm planning to by a TV, and looking to opt for the Sony A8F, but I have recently come across issues regarding burn-ins. I will be buying this TV for quite some time and don't want to change in the foreseeable future. I will be using it for 4K movie playback, netflix Youtube, etc.... But what about news channels or sports channels?. I heard that the score bar or the headline ribbon gets burnt in on OLED's. How long should I use it for then? Can I at least use it for 4 hours a day?
  10. I checked the IO, there are all HDMI ports at the back, I was looking for a Display port but couldn't find one, but in Linus's video it was mentioned that it will support G-sync
  11. So, I'm planning on buying a new TV, the C9 seems to tick all the boxes for me. Now I will be doing some mild gaming on it and found out that it supports G-sync. Now my question is will it support G-sync on my 970? I've read elsewhere that maxwell GPU's are not supported. is that true?
  12. Is it better than the Strix B450-F? that also seems to have similar specs except it's from the Strix lineup
  13. I was opting for the Pro Carbon AC as it ticks all the boxes for me in terms of performance and features, but it's out of stock where I'm at. I looked up the Aorus B450 Pro Wifi, as it sort of has every feature of a high-end motherboard but the VRM according to the spreadsheet is quite bad. So I guess the less featured Tomahawk Max would be a good buy at this point if I do want to upgrade to maybe a 3700X in the future.
  14. So I got a new 2700X from the Black Friday sale. Now am looking for a motherboard. I am currently opting to buy a good B450 motherboard as I will not be overclocking the CPU (will just let PBO and XFR2 work). I'll be using it for streaming and mostly for gaming. I was looking around the $100-$120 range. And also, are motherboard VRM's important? as I will not be overclocking my CPU.
  15. Yeah, I think I'll go with a decent B450 rather than a budget X470, MSI's gaming pro carbon seems to be ticking all the boxes for me at the moment.