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  1. I've used both the Arlo and Nest cameras - I'm with Nest now in my use context, but yours sounds like a closer fit for the battery powered Arlo Pro stuff. They're fairly discrete have app / website & should do what you need. I ran into issues with wireless network overlap (as it uses it's own base station rather than your wireless network for the battery cameras) but that might not be an issue for you in a less complicated environment (my Mesh wireless netowrks , sky Q, and some other stuff killed it sometimes). Nest stuff works better for me for the outdoor stuff,
  2. I was genuinely shocked, timing was good as I got some discounted components in the blackfriday sales when I got the shipping notification - came from scan.co.uk - hit the pre-order button on release day so if you did similar you might get it soon
  3. I don't think so really, waste of electricity is your main thing. If you're running a high voltage boost overclock & something is keeping your CPU busy, that might be a bad thing. I've had several AIOs fail, ceasing up after being turned off for a couple of weeks on holiday if that factors into your thought process.
  4. Got lucky - arrived today. Just need to wait for the rest of the bits.
  5. just had the notification that my pre-order has shipped from scan.co.uk
  6. In the UK I've been keeping an eye on the scan.co.uk page - it looks like the pre-order button went live ~ 15:30 GMT / UTC (though it looked like some people managed to order them earlier the button didnt appear for me, there was a change in the text on the site from 300 people are viewing this product, to 43 people are buying this product). I put a 'pre-order' in at 15:35, will update if I get a delivery date. Looks like they would sell you a pre-built system with a 3950x from ~ 2pm, with delivery on weds. I nearly pushed the button but despite the fact it was a great
  7. I really enjoyed the video - they made a good 'foil' for each other.
  8. Have bought from both --- online & at the counter & I'd say they're ok. Scan is my go to place though - shopped with them since the early nineties.
  9. take a look at the hikvision stuff - it's pretty robust & sounds like the sort of solution you're after rather than one of the cloud-type affairs. We run it across our offices, I use a bunch of Nest stuff for home - opposite ends of the spectrum, both have their place.
  10. If you happen to use mimecast, the threat dashboard ticks a couple of boxes.
  11. I've been running the 5960x since they were new, got a decent overclock to 4.5Ghz to all cores and tbh short of an a 3950x or one of the new HEDT i9s I dont feel particularly compelled to upgrade. Bear in mind you will need an expensive motherboard (2011-v3) & quad channel memory ideally -To run that overclock a decent cooler too! Might not be a cheap upgrade. If you get stuck trying to find a mobo I've got a spare Rampage V you can have for free (I make no guarantees, but it worked when I replaced it with the edition 10 of the same board). Also think ca