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    Meganter reacted to Lurick in No offence to Linus but perhaps it's…   
    How dare he have opinions and views contrary to what I want to hear!!! Or heaven forbid he speak the harsh reality we don't want!! Down with the overlord!!
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    Meganter reacted to FloRolf in It arrived   
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    Meganter reacted to Lurick in It arrived   
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    Meganter reacted to Moonzy in Hey there. Are you a thigh highs or p…   
    Now I'm gonna think of Yoda wearing thigh highs, thanks
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    Meganter reacted to Lurick in   
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    Meganter reacted to minibois in   
    this ranks off the "adorableness" chart!

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    Meganter reacted to Haro in Heppy birbday~ 🎁 and 🎂 for you! 🎉 [sp…   
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    Meganter reacted to Ashley MLP Fangirl in The more I look into custom keyboards…   
    that's what she said
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    Meganter reacted to GOTSpectrum in She protecc bebby. Now *ehm* ehm*...…   
    You are beautiful!
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    Meganter reacted to Spotty in *wakes up to a bunch of N I C E spam…   
    Move along moderator man, nothing to see here.
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    Meganter reacted to Levent in #LTTISTHEBEST   
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    Meganter reacted to Eschew in Heppy birbday! May you be blessed wit…   
    It's less about "luck" and more about probability, TBH.
    Source & Maths: Birthday Problem from Wikipedia.
    I've known two people back in Secondary School within the same year group/grade (smol size of ≈125 peepos per year group) that shared my birthday. One of my mother's friends shares my birthday as well. Hell, I showed my ID to one of the vacinne workers, and they went, "Hey, we share the same birthday!"
    So on a forum of 700,000+ peepos, you're bound to find someone with the same birthday as you. 😁
    Whether you know that person and whether that person is active on the forums is a slightly different matter.
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    Meganter reacted to Lurick in tll prob say something like, i like m…   
    Brain damage is a serious condition, you should seek help
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    Meganter reacted to Mateyyy in tll prob say something like, i like m…   
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    Meganter reacted to givingtnt in Friendo Visit! 'Chew's friendos came…   
    New bike gang "'Chew n' Crew" be out there causing trouble.
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    Meganter reacted to Evolution. in upgraded to a 1440p 165hz monitor now…   
    update: bought a 3080 for 2k on newegg thinking it was a 3090 it wont let me cancel and returns not allowed. karma is a bitch 😂 😂 😂 😂
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    Meganter reacted to Lurick in Playing the new Resident Evil Village…   
    Is that not how all us humans attach our limbs after removal?
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    Meganter reacted to LienusLateTips in B(h)ell offered me 8GB 5G data, unlim…   
    I can also go to the dark side and get an iPhone 12 for $85 a month on Freedom, 15GB data.
    The only issue: their network is shittier although fine, and that would involve going to the dark side.
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    Meganter reacted to wkdpaul in How do y'all deal with demotivation a…   
    ^ pretty much what I do. When I'm focused I can spend hours on a task without realizing it, but sometimes I can't get myself to start.
    I started dividing my tasks into smaller portions, and started going into it by "steps", then switching to something else. Started that years ago BTW, so it's not something you'll get used to overnight. I'll divide a big task into it's simplest steps and view that as tasks (so instead of "I have to troubleshoot why 'X, Y, Z' is an issue on server X", I go with ; task 1 = log onto server X, task 2 = check x, step 3 = check y, step 4 = check z, etc... and I sometimes throw other stuff in-between).
    It's still sometimes hard when I don't feel like it, but going through with small steps makes it way easier (at least for me). Find what's a distraction and what's not, force yourself to stop at X minutes when you realize you're in doing something that's distracting (for me it's easier to go with "ok, in 1 minute I have to stop X and get back to A" than to force myself to stop when I realize on the spot).
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    Meganter got a reaction from Eschew in Total cost of the pi tablet so far: r…   
    Don't you dare use stuff like you intend to TNT!
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    Meganter got a reaction from TheCoder2019 in Total cost of the pi tablet so far: r…   
    Don't you dare use stuff like you intend to TNT!