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    Meganter reacted to soldier_ph for a gallery album, My visit to Vaduz Liechtenstein, KZ Dachau and Munich Germany, Salzburg and Innsbruck Austria.   
    My Brother and I went on a Road Trip by Car from the 11th to the 12th of September 2020. 
    We visited on the first day:
    The small Capital of Liechtenstein, Vaduz The KZ Dachau, Concentration Camp from Nazi Germany The City of Munich with it's High lights being the Olympia Tower and the BMW World next to the BMW Headquarters. Linus himself has actually been at BMW World before which you can check out here. Overnight we stayed in the Hotel which was called B&B Hotels a bit outside of Down Town Munich. The room was only 30 Euros for the night. 
    On the second day we left early to drive down to Salzburg and then later on to Innsbruck, Austria, and from there back Home via Liechtenstein where we also saw the other two Cities of the small Principality, Schaan and Balzers, by driving through/past them.
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    Meganter reacted to sowon for a gallery album, PC Showcase Photography   
    An album for any photography I take of my very own custom PC.
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    Meganter reacted to Haro for a gallery album, Dips being Dips. :D   
    Just Pictures that i took of Dips.