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    Meganter reacted to AT0MAC in iMbalance - a very weird box of power [RX6800XT]   
    Firstly let me explain a thing
    The computer is inside a closet, because of cooling (I drilled holes in my house for outside air) - all that is in the old thread
    But that brings me to this, I have a little bit of size restrictions and the best fitting case in "this case" is the Lian Li PC-V33
    It's a now pretty old cube styled case, can't actually find any good links for it anymore, it's that old.
    I have modded it quite a lot already, but its going to get a little wilder this time around, sort of.
    Here is the best picture of the standard case I could find, that's the reference

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    Meganter reacted to AT0MAC in iMbalance - a very weird box of power [RX6800XT]   
    So, I build this PC a while ago - the Killer Panda PC
    Let me show you the before pictures, what we are working with here:



    The parts before:
    Asus Maximus Code X Z370 motherboard Intel i5 8600K Der8auer Advanced Edition CPU OCed to 5000 MHz 16 (2x8) GB Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 2400MHz CL10 RAM (OCed to 3000MHz) Zotac Amp Extreme GTX 1070 graphics card Corsair Force MP500 120GB NVME SSD for boot 500 GB HDD for media (I draw a lot) 1TB WD Black for games 240 GB SSD for editing video (I do that too) Corsair ML120 120mm fans (14 of them!) Phanteks 120mm Halos Lux fan frames HW Labs Nemesis GTS 240 white radiator EVGA SuperNova G2 750watt Gold PSU Koolance 702 coolant    All sorts of wire extensions to make it pretty. A panda sticker A blood spatter sticker Bamboo tape It's an absolute awesome PC to use

    But it's starting to show its time, mostly because of the 1070...
    Pretty damn bad timing! But I found sort of an okay deal, soooo....

    Yes, I bought a RX6800XT
    And THAT's why I need to re-arrange things, because this graphic card is MASSIVE (the weight alone is 1.815 grams, as in, almost 2KG)
    Let me show you what I did...
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    Meganter reacted to Brien Gaffney in Pc Build V1.0   
    New on here decided id showcase my latest project. I've been interested in building my own pc for a few years now but never had the money or time, with so much work being done at home and the addition of games the past year or so like Warzone I decided the time was right... (minus trying to source a reasonably priced gpu)
    PC and Peripherals
    Case: Corsair icue 220t
    Psu: Corsair Cx650m
    Cooler: Corsair H80i V2
    Ram: Corsair 16gb 3000mhz (2x8gb)
    Cpu: Ryzen 3 2200g @3.85ghz
    Gpu: sahpire pulse Rx580 4Gb
    Motherboard: Aorus B450m
    Boot drive: sabrent 512gb nvme
    Storage: 1tb wd drive
    Monitor:Dell  s2421h
    Mouse: Corsair Harpoon wireless 
    Keyboard: Corsair K55 keyboard 
    (not a corsair fanboy but from the little knowledge I had about pcs before building it , they seemed like good quality and the peripherals were cheap second hand !)
    Really didn't like the color scheme of the gpu backplate so I got some heat resistant paint and primer and gave it a couple of very light coats and I'm very impressed with it. No noticeable difference in Temperatures under. I'm not too keen on the crazy RBG colors, I feel a black case and internals looks pretty clean.
    Tried to keep costs for peripherals, desk and chair at a minimum so most of it is either second hand or fixed, had an old desk lying around which came out nice with a lick of grey paint. Tried to keep the build pretty clean, tidy cables was definitely high up on the priority list, got some cable clips on amazon as well as some double sided tape and zip ties to tidy up the back of the desk and pretty happy with it. Future plans are to wire the speakers with an amp which I have ordered, figure a way of hiding the ethernet cable and maybe upgrade to a wireless keyboard. If There's anything you like/dislike about the build or have any suggestions I would really appreciate it !

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    Meganter reacted to Tristerin in Project QuickNas   
    Inspiration - Digital Media Storage for Youtube channel in the works.  System will be used to retrieve from, and store raw 4k 30fps video, edited video, and final video from publisher.  
    Why these components?  Some had on hand not being used, others purchased after asking questions here.
    Case: ANTEC 300 Two
    Motherboard: ASUS Crosshair Hero VI ATX X370
    CPU: Ryzen 7 1700
    CPU Cooler: Stock AM4 Cooler
    RAM: G-Skill Tridentz 3200mhz CL16 2x8gb
    GPU: Gigabyte HD7850 2gb 
    PSU: Corsair TX650M
    HDD: 6x 4tb WD Red Pro 3.5" drives
    SSD: 1x 1tb WD Black SN750 NVMe drive
    This was a quick slap together build, putting FreeNas on two USB drives for boot drives.  Spent about 30 minutes putting it together so no real focus on anything other than getting the components together, and taking some pics for PCB pr0n.  
    Started with an NZXT case that was hidden behind crap at the shop for far to long.

    Out of the case


    About to do re-surgery

    Moar storage

    Storage going home to its home on Raid Island

    Out with the small drive, in with the BLACKNESS

    STORYTIME:  Welp it happened - that old dusty, crusty CPU cooler pulled the CPU out of the socket, which was glued so bad to the cooler I had to use a butter knife to pry it off.  Did I mention that I bent two pins on the CPU when the cooler pulled it from the socket?
    Straightened them back up and in we went.  Oh and as for reusing that CPU cooler - not today AMD, not today.  Grabbed an old, new in the box, R7 1700 cooler from the parts pile.  Plus all my TIM is at the shop so I didnt have any and this still had the factory application!

    And everything where its supposed to go.  Need to go to the store and get some longer threaded screws, front of case requires radiator length screws for the front intake, and all of that is at the shop (plus Im not sure how many extra I have).
    All in all, the ANTEC 300 is SUPER EASY to build in.  But also super basic.  I could see myself using this personally, but would not be a go to for me.  Got this one for $54 shipped as it was an Open Box and got lucky.  Would not pay retail based on the lack of finish on the case.


    Thanks for checking out my QuickNas build.  Was a quick project, quickly done, to get crap moving on our end for getting my next project going and thats taking a Threadripper system and doing similar with it.  Using the Fractal Design Meshify 2 for that.
    If you want, and have time - please check out my other build log still in the works here at LTT - taking a little more time on it with the execution.
    Project Odyssey - Build Logs - Linus Tech Tips
    Thanks once again for looking at my PCB pr0n!
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    Meganter got a reaction from FakeKGB in [MotF] Introverts on the Forum   
    Y'all weird.
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    Meganter reacted to Haro in [MotF] Introverts on the Forum   
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    Meganter got a reaction from Mateyyy in [MotF] Introverts on the Forum   
    Y'all weird.
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    Meganter reacted to sub68 in [MotF] Introverts on the Forum   
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    Meganter got a reaction from piratemonkey in [MotF] Introverts on the Forum   
    Y'all weird.
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    Meganter got a reaction from Tog Driver in [MotF] Introverts on the Forum   
    Y'all weird.
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    Meganter got a reaction from sub68 in [MotF] Introverts on the Forum   
    Y'all weird.
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    Meganter got a reaction from Eschew in [MotF] Introverts on the Forum   
    Y'all weird.
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    Meganter got a reaction from FakeNSA in [MotF] Introverts on the Forum   
    Y'all weird.
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    Meganter got a reaction from Haro in [MotF] Introverts on the Forum   
    Y'all weird.
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    Meganter reacted to Thegrimfew2 in cat thread   
    My cat Penelope (Penny). I got her around thanksgiving while I was in a rough patch. She has been amazing and I love her very much. She is very cuddly when I get home from work. She enjoys being swaddled, dont know why but she does. (Don't worry its loose she gets out when she is done or wants to do something else) Here she is in all her glory
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    Meganter reacted to Red :) in cat thread   
    any pictures?
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    Meganter reacted to Sarra in cat thread   
    As soon as the pandemic chills out a bit, I'm gonna get a cat. Or two. Or twelve.
    I love cats. 😄
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    Meganter reacted to Elisis in RX 6800 XT - sell it or keep it for mining   
    Are you just trying to define a term by the roots of the word? Because that doesn't work a lot of the time. Photovoltaic is a term that refers to the creation of an electric potential via a technically chemical process, as it's a result of the behavior of an electron. It's very very far from a chemical reaction.
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    Meganter reacted to kelvinhall05 in RX 6800 XT - sell it or keep it for mining   
    Sell it now, mining is not profitable with just one card.
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    Meganter reacted to Elisis in RX 6800 XT - sell it or keep it for mining   
    ??? What chemical reactions?
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    Meganter reacted to The Blackhat in RX 6800 XT - sell it or keep it for mining   
    Why are you randomly tagging me in a random post? Do not interact with me. User ignored.
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    Meganter reacted to vsral in Case swap into a Sliger Cerberus (High end full AMD air cooled ITX system)   
    The complete setup.
    - Dell S2721DGFA ( completely worth the 380 euros)
    - Zowie FK2 + Leopold keyboard with cheap but nice wooden wrist rest
    - Sound: Adam A5X (bought factory refurbished) with a Resonessence Labs Concero HD dac (bought used).
    - Amazon monitor stand: KB + mouse fit under it easily (as dust-'shelter' when I'm not home).
    The cooling backplate of the Asus Crosshair 8 Impact

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    Meganter reacted to vsral in Case swap into a Sliger Cerberus (High end full AMD air cooled ITX system)   
    The 2 'organ donors'

    The 3 cases side by side

    How the NR200P turned out with the Noctua U12A. The side panel fits on without a millimeter to spare. 

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    Meganter reacted to vsral in Case swap into a Sliger Cerberus (High end full AMD air cooled ITX system)   
    - Sliger Cerberus
    - CPU: AMD 5900x
    - GPU: 6900xt reference
    - PSU: Corsair SF750 (stock cables)
    - MOBO: Asus Crosshair 8 Impact
    - RAM: 32gb G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3600 C16 (straight timings / B-Die)
    - CPU cooler: Noctua C14S
    - Fans: 3x Arctic P12 (intake) + 1x Noctua A9 Chromax (outtake)
    - 4x 120mm mesh dust filters. 3 on the Noctua rubber mounting plus (on the outside) and 1 magnetic before the PSU
    - Samsung 970 Evo Plus 2tb
    How this build came to be:
    Build a system in summer 2020 in a Lian-Li TU150 with placeholders for CPU and GPU: 2700x + 1660Ti. Gallery on PcPartPicker
    I came from an old Xeon x58 system, so it already was a serious upgrade.
    The 5900x: I got it 2 weeks after launch, after ordering at the exact minute of launch.
    The 6900XT: In December I got very lucky to be able to order it from AMD directly. I wanted a 6800XT, but those really are impossible to find a decent prices. It was way more than I wanted to spend but I just got lucky and I knew it so I clicked the order button.
    Already did a thermal pad mod: 
    In the meantime, I swapped the SF600 for a SF750. For the SF600 and the 1660 Ti I built an extra complete PC. 1) Because I might need it when I'll live at 2 different places in the near future 2) because I'm into distributed computing (BOINC / Folding at Home) and 3) just becaused I wanted to.
    At launch of the 3060 Ti, I just tried and was able to order a MSI Gaming X trio (499 euros) and got it 2 days later. Had trouble fitting it into the TU-150, so kept it for the new build.
    So in november / december I built the following
    - CM Nr200p 
    - a used 3950x (450 euros)
    - Asus B550i-Strix (30 euro cash back)
    - G skill Trident Z 3200 C14 (Samsung B die) 2x16gb, used at a great price
    - Corsair SF600 Platinum (from other pc)
    - Noctua C14s
    - Arctic P12 value pack (5 for 26 euros)
    When the 6900XT arrived, it became very clear that a Lian-Li TU-150 couldn’t handle the heat output of a high-powered GPU. High load on GPU would also raise the CPU temps by a lot. The heat was really stuck below the top panel (above the cpu cooler). You could really feel the difference on the outside of the case The case just needs to be more vented or needs more outtake fans. 
    I looked at the Sliger s610 and s620 as well, but went for the Cerberus so I could use full size fans on the bottom (quieter) with some space between the fans and the GPU (no turbulence).
    Also, the width of the Cerberus is perfect for a Noctua c14s (S610 is too small: fan needs to be behind heat sink so warm air from gpu gets sucked into the heatsink. S620 is too wide, the fan would be too far from the panel. Plus, I prefer the aesthetic proportions of the Cerberus).
    So I also swapped the C14s and U12a between builds.
    - The case was very light when I took it out of the box. Somehow, I expected more heft to it.
    - While building I discovered that I could NOT fit a 15mm fan on top (under the handle). So I bought a P12 Slim for nothing (luckily it was cheap) and now I only got 1x 92mm for exhaust. But I think the current 3 P12’s take in enough air to purge out the warm air through the vents. Also, there is plenty of space behind the C14S for a ‘chimney effect’.
    - The arctic p12’s can deliver a lot more fresh air to the GPU than 2x Noctua a12x15’s can, while being quieter. Probably also got to do with the fact that the bottom grill on the TU-150 was way more restrictive.
    - The case could (imo) be more vented on the motherboard side (like the S610 / s620).
    - The panel behind the motherboard is hotter than the other side under full load. Glad I went vented instead of solid. Also helps the cooling backplate of the mobo.
    - The handle feels so much better than the handle on the TU-150. No wiggle, no flex.
    - GPU temps are way better than in the TU-150 without sidepanel.
    For those who don't know the case: a high end, 18L small USA made case with solid powder coated aluminum panels.

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    Meganter reacted to Moonzy in [MotF] Introverts on the Forum   
    @FakeNSA so Den DM-ed me after i posted that previous photo, and suggested i change some lightings, so here's the new photo

    Den helped cropped out some of the mess on the sides, much appreciated.