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    Meganter reacted to Haro in Mid-week Madness Folding Sprint   
    Much excite! 
    Signed up! 
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    Meganter got a reaction from sazrocks in Mid-week Madness Folding Sprint   
    Signed up ! 
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    Meganter got a reaction from piratemonkey in Mid-week Madness Folding Sprint   
    Signed up ! 
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    Meganter reacted to GOTSpectrum in Mid-week Madness Folding Sprint   
    Mid-week Madness Folding Sprint
    Event Starts March 29th (00:00 BST)
    Ends April 2nd (23:59 BST)
    Sign up for the event here:
    Sign up's are now closed
    This event will not be eligible for F@H event badges.
    Please follow this thread to keep up to date!
    Please read the whole of this post before asking any questions and use the links provided at the end for help and support!
    Minimum Participation Requirements For Prizes
    5 Days Activity
    (*activity is defined as completing at least 1WU for the 24 hour period)
    I have decided to do something different for the requirements for this event; everyone will be eligible for prizes as long as you fold at least one work unit for every day of the event.
    Community donated prizes:
    7x Random steam Keys - Donated by The Community Pool
    All Ranks
    1x 10GBP Steam Gift Cards - Donated by The Community Pool
    All Ranks
    Details of the prizes to be released soon. Expect game keys and a single currency steam voucher.
    Folding@home is a network of volunteer computers distributed around the world that aims to perform biomedical research with the single intent of helping to further understand and develop cures for a range of diseases such as; Alzheimer's, cancer, and Parkinson's. The exact research that is done is simulating the 'folding' of proteins in the body, this is important because the function of a protein is directly related to its physical shape. And this, when the protein is created in the body it needs to reshuffle its shape to get into the correct structure to perform its task. Many illnesses can be linked to faulty proteins in the body such as many cancers and neurological issues, along with a wide number of other general health concerns. 
    If you are wondering what exactly has been done with all this computing power then you can check out the papers written by the scientists and researchers that use the folding network, I will warn you though many of them are very in depth reads and in turn this means they are often fairly technical.
    PASSKEYS! (they're really important)
    Don't forget to get yourself a passkey from the link below to ensure that you hit the points requirement, the passkey is a feature that was added a while ago to the Folding Client that helps to authenticate each user on the network, an added bonus of this is the fact that it allows you to qualify for QRB(Quick Return Bonus) Points, QRBs are extra points you earn for submitting work units more quickly, such as if you have faster hardware or let the client fold full time, rather than on idle. QRB credit is awarded after 10 WUs have been submitted. You can get your passkey from the link below.
    COVID-19 still remains a massive priority for Folding@Home, we are here to continue to unite with the legion of other folders from around the globe who have taken up the fight against COVID-19.
    Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common across the world.  These viruses can cause mild symptoms ranging from a fever and cough to more serious conditions such as severe pneumonia, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties. 
    In December 2019, a new strain of coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2) was first identified in Wuhan City, China.  This virus has now spread to affect practically every human population on the planet. It is the largest health crisis seen in 100 years and a massive global concerted effort has been launched to find a cure, a vaccine or even the simplest form of treatment. And that is where folding@home comes in, partnered with The Covid Moonshot team; the folding network is being used to find existing drugs that could prove to be an effective treatment for the virus. 
    This is just a PSA for the new guys here, the folding team is a small close knit community, so here's a few things I'd like you all to keep in mind. It doesn't hurt to say thank you, if someone has genuinely helped you out don't forget to drop a reaction on their posts, help others where ever you can and finally we are a team first and always. 
    Check your stats out here! Bare in mind it can take some time for your first WUs to appear so leave it a day or two.
    Please follow the guides below to help with set-up and troubleshooting. These are mostly older guides but are still quite useful for most things.
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    Meganter reacted to Haro in cat thread   
    NGL I forgot this existed lol! 

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    Meganter reacted to PhantomJaguar77 in cat thread   
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    Meganter reacted to Velcade in cat thread   
    Found out the ol' girl has stage 2 kidney failure.  Getting urine tests back ,hopefully, today to see what our next steps should be.
    Hug your cats for me. 
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    Meganter reacted to Fasauceome in Gamer Girl A E S T H E T I C   
    Your first PC should be something special, something that you never really forget. For my girlfriend, there was no other option. Never a gamer, but always seeing clean white and pastel setups on social media, she knew exactly what she wanted it to look like.
    Prices below are not necessarily representative of what I paid. I didn't get ripped off, don't worry.
    PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 3.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor $168.99 @ Amazon Motherboard Asus PRIME X570-P ATX AM4 Motherboard $229.99 @ Amazon Memory OLOy WarHawk RGB 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory $94.99 @ Newegg Storage Crucial P2 500 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive $59.99 @ Adorama Case In Win 101 ATX Mid Tower Case $79.00 @ Amazon Power Supply Corsair CXF 550 W 80+ Bronze Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply $84.99 @ Newegg Case Fan upHere NT1207-5 86.34 CFM 120 mm Fans 5-Pack   Monitor AOC C24G1 24.0" 1920x1080 144 Hz Monitor $194.88 @ Amazon Keyboard E-element Z88RGB81WRZ Wired Mini Keyboard $48.99 @ Amazon Mouse Logitech G203 Lightsync Wired Optical Mouse $29.99 @ Amazon Speakers Logitech Z200 0 nW 2.0 Channel Speakers $24.99 @ B&H Custom Vetroo V5 $24.91   Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts     Total $1041.71   Generated by PCPartPicker 2021-02-27 16:56 EST-0500    
    The memory miraculously appears to be running at the rated 3600 despite the first gen Ryzen memory controller. The X570 motherboard helps a lot, as they generally have nice thick memory traces.

    My biggest unknown was the case. I had hands on experience with almost every other part in some capacity, but the case was something I'd never personally seen. Typically not a problem, but unusually this case was listed with two versions on the Inwin site. One with LED lighting on the front logo, one with RGB "depending on regional availability." Sadly no mention of what regions get the RGB version, but in a stroke of luck the US appears to be one of those regions.

    The RGB front logo is real nice, and the really wide motherboard tray is a treat for any E-ATX aspirants.


    Pic under blanket for nice color poppin

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    Meganter reacted to WoodenMarker in Black Box   
    With a UHD monitor and a bunch of photos to store, my high school friend was ready for a gaming PC upgrade.
    Did you read the title? It's time for black, gray, and maybe some silver.

    Besides overkill cooling, nothing much to note.
    CPU: Intel Core i5-10400F
    CPU Cooler: Scythe Kotetsu w/Noctua NF-S12B Redux PWM
    Motherboard: MSI MAG Mortar Intel B460M
    Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX Black 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3000mhz CL15 (2666mhz)
    SSD1: Samsung 860 Pro 256GB
    SSD2: Inland Platinum 2TB SSD
    HDD1: WD Green 3TB
    HDD2: Barracuda Green 3TB
    Graphics Card: EVGA FTW3 Ultra RTX 3080 10GB
    Case: Fractal Design Meshify C Mini
    Case Fans: 3x Scythe Gentle Typhoon AP-15, 1x Noctua NF-S12B Redux PWM
    Power Supply: EVGA Super Nova 750 G5, ABNO1 PSU Cable Kit 3.0 Gray/White 11 4/5 inch Length with Cable Combs
    LEDs: Phanteks RGB LED Strip

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    Meganter reacted to minibois in Your unpopular (non-political, non-offensive) opinions!   
    I have always thought my opinion wasn't that unpopular, but a lot of people still disagree (then again, a lot of people do agree).
    Personally I think the graphics in Minecraft are great. Not from a technical standpoint, but from an aesthetic standpoint.
    The simpleness allows for a lot of things to be built.
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    Meganter got a reaction from FakeKGB in [MotF] Introverts on the Forum   
    Y'all weird.
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    Meganter reacted to Lurick in My motherboard turns on but nothing else   
    Did you read the manual that comes with the motherboard that tells you where to plug these things in? Section 1-5 clearly explains it.
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    Meganter reacted to Levent in My motherboard turns on but nothing else   
    B550 chipset supports 3600 out of the box no matter what. PCIE is also a standard so there aint any compatibility issues there. When it doubt, RTFM. Anyways, reseat your rams as the first step of troubleshooting.
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    Meganter reacted to TVwazhere in General PC case survey   
    I may have gone a bit overboard on mine 😅
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    Meganter reacted to DeepCool Alan in General PC case survey   
    Hello everyone, official DeepCool rep here. We got permission from the mods to post a general PC case survey in the off-topic section that's looking to take a pulse on the current case market to help guide us into making a better product.
    No personal information or emails are required, so no marketing shenanigans here. We're just looking to get honest answers and opinions from the community.
    I've posted this up to other areas on the internet and in hindsight there were a few questions that we definitely missed such as 5.25" drive bays, so if you feel we missed something make sure to leave a comment on the last question of the survey!

  16. Funny
    Meganter reacted to Mateyyy in 16 vs 32gb Sweet Spot in the future.   
    Should be fine for 2027, but 2028... hard to say.
    The real question however is whether 10GB of VRAM will be enough in 2077.
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    Meganter reacted to Kotonoha in cat thread   
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    Meganter reacted to AT0MAC in iMbalance - a very weird box of power [RX6800XT]   
    So, HERE IT IS

    I named it iMbalance as it's a odd pair, the overclocked 8600K, with a bunch of drives, watercooled with a too large AIO, in a very small cube case, very many fans, 64GB RAM and a brand new kinda overpowered GPU - pretty much imbalanced, but it works

    Made this picture for my instagram, it was easier than posting a bunch of pictures, you guys got the whole story instead

    New parts list:
    Asus Maximus Code X Z370 motherboard Intel i5 8600K Der8auer Advanced Edition CPU OCed to 5000 MHz 64 GB Patriot Viper Steel (2x32) GB DDR4 CL16 3000 MHz AsRock RX6800XT graphics card Corsair Force MP500 120GB NVME SSD for boot 500 GB HDD for media (I draw a lot) 1TB WD Black for games 240 GB SSD for editing video (I do that too) Corsair ML120 120mm fans (12 of them!) Phanteks 120mm Halos Lux fan frames HW Labs Nemesis GTS 240 white radiator EVGA SuperNova G2 750watt Gold PSU   All sorts of wire extensions to make it pretty. Duct tape and heat shielding gold tape A shelf, a part of a desk and some scrap aluminium Fake carbon vent and a HW Labs Nemesis GTS 240 white radiator  
    I have a old 1000 watt Corsair PSU I might consider putting in instead, I had a weird thing happen a day I tried Watchdogs Legion on Ultra, with 25% extra details and RTX on medium, it worked, had 25fps, but it quit unexpcted - I think it made a power spike it could not handle (it works smooth if I dial it down, just had to try)
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    Meganter reacted to AT0MAC in iMbalance - a very weird box of power [RX6800XT]   
    It's done, let me show you some of the details
    This old cap for the watercooling loop I used to have, give it bit of a steampunk feel
    View of the side, it has a special feature - I since the build swapped out the RAM for a 64GB kit, instead of the 16, and I could do that without disassembling anything - just reach in and swap
    Also, thats the AIO there on top, I mounted it basically with some fan mounts and really strong double sided tape - it works wonders both to dampen vibration as it does to stick things down
    If I was to do this permanent, I would rivet the mounts on instead, but I guess I at some point re-do all this again so this will do for now (like, lets say I swap motherboard and CPU)
    I glued on this fake carbon vent for a car, just to make it look different and because I had it laying around
    A bit of CyperPunk mood when the lights are on, am I right?
    This is 4x RGB fan frames, a lighting fan on the GPU, RGB light spread across the motherboard, a mini screen on the AIO and a large white flood light LED mounted with magnets on the inside of the case lid

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    Meganter reacted to AT0MAC in iMbalance - a very weird box of power [RX6800XT]   
    Here is a fun fact, you might notice the mirrors around the case on one of the pictures
    The reason being, it's inside a closet so when plugging it in, I really can't see much - so I use a flashlight and mirrors, while I stand on a stepladder
    Yes, it's NOT your everyday computer build if you have not guessed it yet 😉
    I use this rig for video editing, playing games, drawing and much more - I have more computers than most people, but this one, is my star of the show
    At this stage, I tried playing Sea of Thieves at the highest quality, man it looks purdy!
    Also played Assassins Creed Valhalla, I'm danish btw, so I am viking and absolute love this game, also on Ultra quality, damn...
    Yeah, I'm sort of a ingame photographer, so this is absolute critical that I can play in high quality
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    Meganter reacted to AT0MAC in iMbalance - a very weird box of power [RX6800XT]   
    Time to wrap it up, kinda...
    I had some gold foil tape laying around, it's ment to be use on cars, and some white duct tape, I figured that could look cool - so taped up the front panel
    One of the front USB ports never worked, for some odd reason, so I block that port off with the tape, same goes for the front audio, I don't use it and never will
    Sneak peek of the finished system, it looks pretty nice I'd say
    Remember I said I put a LED fan frame both in front and behind the front fans?
    It actually ended up matching the effect on the graphic card almost spot on

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    Meganter reacted to AT0MAC in iMbalance - a very weird box of power [RX6800XT]   
    After a clean, from a few different angles
    How the innards look now, with a few more of my old water cooling bits added, just for looks
    Sorry it's not super sharp, pictures are all taken with my phone and it's like anything else a few years old, so it's not the greatest
    The reflection on the AIO is actually one of the coloringbook pages I have drawn myself, I do a lot of linework, that there is my pirate from Sea of Thieves, drawn in Illustrator, and colored with colorpencils
    The grey power cable is from Reaper Cables, from that Reaper PC I linked earlier, I had an extra one laying around and figured, grey don't look too out of place in this build (the GPU uses 3x8 pin power connectors, totally mad)
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    Meganter reacted to AT0MAC in iMbalance - a very weird box of power [RX6800XT]   
    Just like in TV shows, I cheated
    Because I have actually been running with the aio for a while, one of the valves in the hardline loop somehow broke and started dripping, not sure how it happened but it did and that's why I originally rush jobbed in the aio like this
    It looks pretty bad, so this is the time to do it better
    Before you ask, that thing on the table is a blunderbomb replica I made from the game Sea of Thieves, and its laying in a pile of gold, because i'm a pirate
    I really like this trend of making technology black, grey and white (I painted the case white)
    As it was sitting there I test fittet the AsRock RX6800XT and damn, it's big
    Guess you can kinda see it there, but I have mounted a Phanteks fanframe to the inside of the front fans, so they actually have LED frames both in front and behind
    That totally covered the 5mm space, just look at it
    I cleaned the case and the dust and all after this, this was just a test fit
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    Meganter reacted to AT0MAC in iMbalance - a very weird box of power [RX6800XT]   
    I did not want to spend money on the re-build itself, i mean, hardware is expensive enough
    So I found a old shelf I had laying around, and the left over paint from the Reaper PC I linked earlier, started to cut the shelf and painted it
    In the drawing it's wooden, but I figured it would look better in black
    Drilled a bunch of holes, and mounted my old radiator to the side, with some of my unused fittings, and glued some aluminum to the inside - mainly because I had it, and I did not feel like painting both sides of the wood
    Put some rubber dampers on the screws, so I did not have to screw the radiator in fully, it's even balancing itself off the fittings there, I countersunk some holes so they sit sort of flush into the surface
    I did not bother to screw in the lower row of screws, it's only on for cosmetics, because I had it and it looks kinda cool
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    Meganter reacted to AT0MAC in iMbalance - a very weird box of power [RX6800XT]   
    First things first for any big build like this - plan!
    So I fired up SketchUp and started drawing and a whole lot of measuring
    Let me just tell you, the motherboard, fans and radiator is models I found in the SketchUp library, I did not draw those.
    But, I did make all the holes in the fan grills, because I really wanted to see how this might look
    That thing the fans are on, is a front panel off a case I modded a few years back
    The thing is, I needed to switch out the hardline tubing as I simply can't fit it inside the case with this massive gpu
    Instead I bought a AIO, but as everything is hard to come by these days, I ended up with a 360 model, that I also can't fit inside the case...
    Good thing is, I'm basically a unemployed artist (pretty cliché), I make video, draw my own coloring book and much more, so thinking outside the box really can not surprise me
    If I build it sort of as I've drawn it, then it will fit!
    I re-measured the internals, I should have space for the 33cm long GPU
    See, in the drawing, that's the 5mm, between the front fans and the back end of the GPU